boiler room

Dear Michail Stangl of The Boiler Room, we saw Rebekah’s tweet about ‘The Red Pill’ documentary last night and your follow up, so we took some time out to watch the documentary for ourselves.

Whilst we didn’t like or agree with ‘The Red Pill’, it did highlight some of the methods and techniques extremist counter protest groups use to try and shut down other movements; effectively baiting, slandering and bullying the other group in to submission. It also revealed that some counter protest groups may not be in possession of the full facts before they take action. We see this happening more and more online these days and view this kind behaviour as akin to that of ‘McCarthyism’ or fascism.

Last night we saw you land another huge accusation, again without providing a shred of evidence to corroborate your views.

Having witnessed you try to destroy a number of people in the industry of late, we felt it’s time we there was public discourse about your fascist-esque behaviour, which has long remained unchallenged.

As a powerful player in the industry, whose company has a number of big corporate sponsors, you should understand that you have a duty of care as a company director to behave in a responsible and appropriate way.

It’s because of your continued actions, we feel it’s time your sponsors were made aware of the potential reputational risk association with you carries. Consider how they would feel if those who were already boycotting you, began boycotting and campaigning against them too?

Until now, you have been left to run amok, accusing people of wrong doing and then bullying them in to submission. There are many young and vulnerable people online (this also includes artists in the industry) that are prepared to follow or adopt a way of thinking, just to be on the ‘right side’ (sic) of the argument; irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong. There are also people who are lacking the conviction to seek out the truth for themselves. And because you have power on your side, including contacts within the general media, plus a host of high profile connections throughout the industry, it’s our view that many people who you have wronged, may be afraid to challenge you.

In these dark times of late and due to the unprecedented size of our industry, we felt it’s time that we used our platform to challenge the people/organisations that ‘continually’ bully others or abuse their positions of power.

This is why today we’re using our position to call you out as one of these people. We sincerely hope that we can encourage you to behave more responsibly from now on.

Yours impartially,

Change-Underground C-U