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Or Weisinger – Yours EP (Crossfade Sounds)

Sound Avenue’s sister label Crossfade Sounds returns this week for its 9th overall release which features an exciting new up and coming producer by the name of Or Weisinger. The Tel Aviv based producer made his production debut on Crossfade Sounds in early February with an appearance on the labels ‘Crossing Borders’ compilation. Now for the labels fourth release of 2013 we see a new EP from Or Weisinger which is entitled ‘Yours’ and comes with four brand new original productions.

The EP once again continues to show the borderless vision that Crossfade Sounds has as it’s the most electronica sounding release that they’ve put out to date. The lead track ‘Your Eyes’ sets a wonderful mood early on with a mid tempo techy groove that’s surrounded by a wealth of fresh sounding electronics, cool vocal elements and an emotional set of warped chords that really hits the spot. This leads to ‘Your Skin’ which is certainly one of our favourites on the EP. The glitchy sounding groove is rooted with a supremely funky bass line which should provide some nice dance floor movement. The standout elements though are a sequence of offset stabs, striking vocal gates and some lovely piano accents which brighten the production up quite nicely.

‘Your Ass’ continues with another unique and funky groove that’s surrounded by some glassy sounding bells which have been processed wonderfully. Likely the most musical piece on the EP and one of the standouts for sure with second half really showcasing some nice melodic work.  The EP closes with ‘Your Nose’ which goes down as the most melancholic and emotionally gut wrenching piece on the EP. Soft keys combined with some very clever vocal effects  and cool electronic accents make for a perfect close to the most interesting and unique release on Crossfade Sounds yet. Or Weisinger is a name we expect you’ll be hearing a lot more from in the future. Release Promo Hype Chart Top25

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