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Oscar Holgado – Direction (System Recordings)

System Recordings welcomes Oscar Holgado back to the label for a brand new single entitled ‘Direction’.

Oscar Holgado

The Netherlands based producer and Symmetric Records label boss has found a nice home on the long standing US imprint. This marks Oscar’s 13th appearance on System Recordings which follows his ‘Thru Streets’ single from February of this year. His latest entitled ‘Direction’ promises to be his best yet and includes remixes from Silinder and Alfonso Muchacho.

Anyone that follows Oscar knows he’s pretty diverse and has released everything from deeper, dubby grooves to bigger progressive house. On ‘Direction’ we get a cool prog tech hybrid style tune with a variety of hypnotic and musical motifs. The piece flows through a smooth atmospheric narrative with subtle guitar hooks teased in over the framework. It’s a wonderful contrast in sound and one that gets further explored during the main break with complementary tones and a sinister sounding vocal sample. There’s are variety of very distinctive elements here which all work well together so it makes for a very captivating breakdown. The energy soars higher in the third act with timeless themes and vocal wails getting interwoven in harmonic bliss. An excellent production from Oscar which would have to at or near the top of his all time best list. Also included is a Downtempo version which features all those great musical themes in a dubby sea-side atmosphere. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

The first interpretation is provided by Silinder who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. It’s hard to believe the Irish producer has never graced the System catalog but he’s certainly picked a stellar track to remix for his debut. We’ve been hearing a deeper sound from Silinder of late and this remix is further evidence of that. It’s chunky, late night groove is immediately appealing and it lays down a great foundation for the tracks subtle hooks to work their magic. Nice use of the vocal parts along with a playful lead theme makes for a great dance floor sensibility. The guitars makes a brief appearance during the main break and then trail through the final act for that extra bit of beauty to push it over the edge. Wonderful remix from Silinder.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Direction’ is provided by Alfonso Muchacho who is making his third appearance on System Recordings. The UK based producer first appeared on the label with his ‘Losing My Way’ EP which was released in September of 2013. Alfonso is fresh off what would have to be the best release of his career in the ‘Echo Peak’ EP released on 3rd Avenue just last week. The EPs timeless progressive style was a pleasure to listen to and he’s done a great job on his ‘Direction’ interpretation as well. It comes in with a more uptempo, energetic and also darker feel than the previous two versions so it sits really nice alongside them. The chopped vocals serve as wicked stabs early and the wispy atmospheric haze makes for a wonderful vibe. A long break just adds musicality and soul with much of the main parts getting reinvented there and setting up a killer finale. Huge remix from Alfonso which rounds out a top notch release for System Recordings. Don’t miss it.

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