Owersound – Crepuscular Rays (Electronic Tree)

The latest release on Electronic Tree finds Owersound making his debut with a brand new EP.


The Russian producer is a new name in the underground and with forthcoming material signed to Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music he should be making his mark pretty quickly. His debut EP is ‘Crepuscular Rays’ and it includes three brand new originals which showcase his melodic progressive sound.

The EP begins with ‘Achillea’ which finds Owersound crafting a big, driving progressive track with lots of positive emotions. Warm, round beats combined with sweeping synths and soft tonal rhythms create a lovely vibe as the track builds towards the main break. As the celestial sweeps dissipate the soft rhythms get a chance to breathe and they sound absolutely fabulous during the interlude. The beats drop back in with little fanfare and it’s all for the best as it begins a smooth and luminous third act conclusion which is sure to please all the progressive minded DJs out there.

The EP’s second selection and also its title track ‘Crepuscular Rays’ shows an even more enchanting side of Owersound’s studio repertoire. As a bed of intricate beats get the piece underway the main kick drops for a lovely rhythmic shuffle. Mystical elements slowly get added in and again long gaseous sweeps play a big role in the smooth, exhilarating nature of the track. The running time borders on twelve minutes but with a gorgeous centrepiece for a break and a continually evolving narrative of atmospheres it really takes you on a gorgeous journey which you get lost in, and thus blows by pretty quick. Lovely work from Owersound.

The EP’s final selection ‘Red Fields’ sits as a wonderful complement to the previous two tracks, with driving grooves, smooth melodies and waves of techno inspired percussion. This one like the others avoids any big and overly obvious melodies, rather focusing on hazy indistinct motifs to achieve a nice emotional warmth. Definitely a great way to round out the EP and a promising start to the Owersound moniker. Don’t miss it. Let’s see what comes next!

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