Oxia releases dub mix of his new track Sydmel!

Oxia returns to his and Nicolas Masseyef’s Diversions imprint with a statement.

It’s time to reset to zero… Crisp, startling and powerfully uplifting, ‘Sydmel’ sets the levels: a strident piece of slinky electronica that feels tangibly electrified with positivity, the emotional pay-off is laced deep into the rising arpeggios and major chords that ensure momentum and surprise are maintained throughout. For added momentum, and a killer creative tool tailor made to be layered in and out of the original, Oxia’s own Dub Mix opens up an even wider vista with reverbed synths that wash oceanically over the brooding tech bedrock.

Elsehwere we find ‘Reset’. A track that builds on the ‘Sydmel’ message with tub-thumping focus. Stripped back, warm and widescreen, Oxia takes things right back to the start-line and rebuilds them for a brand new race. Slowly but surely the synth tendrils grow and blossom across the bandwidth until they pick up a rolling rhythm of their own. Pure hypnosis in a way only Oxia knows how; this is the true essence of groovy techno. There’s only one place to go once you’ve reset to zero… And that’s right the way back up again. Come join us for the journey.

Sydmel (Dub Mix) is out 1/6/2018. Pre-Order the track here: Beatport


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