Ozgur Ozkan – 4U (BC2)

The 36th release on Balkan Connection’s BC2 offshoot welcomes Ozgur Ozkan to the label.

ozgur ozkan 4u

The Turkish producer has had some amazing releases of late; most notably ‘Lights Off’ courtesy of Stellar Fountain and ‘One Day’ on Massive Harmony Recordings. Ozgur’s debut single for BC2 is entitled ‘4U’ and it comes with remixes from Alex Villanueva & Kaban and Simos Tagias. Ozgur’s original mix is likely one of the most emotional productions of his career. Built around several subtle but very effective melodic parts it’s a track that while quite simple really grows on you. Wispy vocal gates and bell-like keys highlight the main break and a second half of rising atmospheres provides an elegant sounding conclusion. I’m not sure if this particular track holds special meaning for Ozgur but it wouldn’t surprise me if it did. Legendary DJ Hernan Cattaneo has been the first to lend his support for the record and has already featured it on his immensely popular Resident podcast. Don’t miss it.

The first interpretation of ‘4U’ is provided by Alex Villanueva & Kaban who are making their first appearance on BC2. The Mexican duo have been quite formidable this year with their remix for Julian Rodriguez & Martin Berger ‘Birdcage’ really standing out. Alex and Kaban’s big percussive style has melded itself well with ‘4U’. Their radical overhaul is big and bold which complements Ozgur’s more subtle original quite nicely. Following a huge first half with stomping beats, dark stabs and trippy vocals the main break serves to showcase Ozgur’s great melodic elements and expertly transition the track back to its menacing groove. The second half seems even larger with those boundless beats and charged rhythms continuing to push forward. The ultimate release in tension comes with a soft atmospheric overlay at around the six minute mark which could ignite some dance floor fireworks no doubt. Monster remix from Alex and Kaban.

The second and final interpretation is delivered by Simos Tagias who is also making his first appearance on BC2. The Greek producer has continued to push his excellent brand of percussive tech house over the last few months. Releases on 3rd Avenue and Soundteller Records have stood out and Simos seems to be well on his way to even bigger and better projects. Things are looking quite good on gig front as well as Simos is scheduled to open up for the one and only Guy J later this month in Thessaloniki at Block 33. For his ‘4U’ interpretation Simos has once again worked his funky percussive magic all while retaining the tranquil vibes of the original. The airiness of the drums in conjunction with a catchy three tone bass line really works well and the complement of wispy vocals and blissful atmospherics make for a very stimulating journey. Great stuff from Simos which rounds out a top notch release on BC2 in fine style. Don’t miss it.

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