Ozgur Ozkan – JLN (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection’s latest finds Ozgur Ozkan returning to the label with his latest single entitled ‘JLN’.

Ozgur Ozkan - JLN

The Turkish producer had several great moments in 2014 with appearances on System Recordings and Baroque Records being the most notable. His inimitable style has remained a favourite of the progressive underground and ‘JLN’ looks to be one of his best yet.

Ozgur has released a variety of styles over the last few years; from the more emotional ‘4U’ on BC2 to the more club oriented ‘We Don’t Need a Miracle’ on System Recordings; they’ve all been with praise. ‘JLN’ finds the Turkish producer going back to his ominous sounding progressive beginnings. Rooted with a chunky groove along with a backdrop of murky atmosphere it casts an ominous but club worthy tone. Subtle themes run through the first half until a more distinct cross-cultural vibe is explored during the main break. It’s subtle but there’s a glimmer of emotion there which sets up an even more brooding finish. Nice work from Ozgur.

The first interpretation of ‘JLN’ is provided by MiraculuM who is returning to Balkan Connection for his tenth appearance. The Hungarian producer and Stellar Fountain headman just released his debut album on the UK’s Stripped Recordings to resounding success. The LP was a great representation of this man’s vastly underappreciated skills. From the delicate beauty of the opener ‘Forging A Planet’ to the sophisticated club grooves of ‘Like Lullabies Among Vampires’ it was an engaging listen from start to finish. On his ‘JLN’ interpretation we see MiraculuM focusing on a more straight forward club approach. He’s taken the relatively stripped back and minimal original and transformed it into another one of his otherworldly atmospheric creations. It’s electric synths lines have a wonderful crunch and the glassy textures are definitely something to marvel at. A strong progressive groove makes it well-built for the dance floor and a melancholic touch during the main break sets up the emotional conclusion perfectly. Beautiful remix from MiraculuM.

The second and final interpretation of ‘JLN’ is provided by Exoplanet who is making his tenth appearance on Balkan Connection. It’s a pleasant surprise to see a new Exoplanet production because you know it’ll always be unique and interesting. He’s a producer that’s certainly explored a variety of styles as well over the years. His spacey atmospheres are quite captivating and he’s also won the approval of John OO Fleming for his work. On ‘JLN’ we see Exoplanet going big with a massive old school progressive house interpretation. Tough beats combine with razor sharp synths and swirling atmospheres for a pure peak time vibe. It has to be one of Exoplanet’s biggest remixes to date and it closes the release out on a strong note.

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