Ozgur Ozkan – One Last Kiss (Clinique Recordings)

The latest release on Clinique Recordings welcomes Ozgur Ozkan to the label for his debut single.

Ozgur Ozkan - One Last Kiss

The Turkish artist is a veteran of the progressive underground and boasts releases on Baroque Records, Soundteller Records and System Recordings. A quiet start to 2016 has seen just two new productions from Ozgur so his debut on Clinique is much anticipated and comes alongside remixes from Arilamas, Diyo and Some Little Things. 

Many of Ozgur’s past productions have had an emotional tinge to them and ‘One Last Kiss’ certainly does as well. A delicate number with more of a deep house sensibility than progressive perhaps. It’s minimalistic design lets a poignant theme breathe throughout a well constructed first act. The break expands the scope ever so slightly with dulcet accents and vocally trails which carry the track to elegant conclusion. Gorgeous work from Ozgur.

Clinique Recordings has put together an impressive cast of remixers for Ozgur’s debut. First up Arilamas makes his fifth appearance on the label and takes the track into more progressive territory while still retaining the deep sensibility from the original very well. The melancholic lead plays heavily here with its 5 keyed beginning conjuring up many emotive moments while an evolving atmospheric backdrop keeps the storyboard moving. A breaky section following the second act is the highlight for me, there’s some nice funk there and a cool shift in mood as well. Great remix from Arilamas.

Next up veteran Diyo makes his third appearance on the label following solid outings on Juicebox Music, Golden Wings and Tulipa in 2015. Diyo’s interpretation of ‘One Last Kiss’ marks his first production of 2016 and it’s certainly well worth the wait. Coming in just a touch more proggy than the previous two versions there’s a great vibe here that should win over the likes of Hernan Cattaneo. It’s bassy rumblings bring great drive while a quirky line serves as your mesmerizing guide. The main theme gets dubbed out with just those distinctive pads carrying a trace of the originals musicality over its seven minute journey. Beautiful remix from Diyo.

Closing the release out is Some Little Things who are making their fourth appearance on the label. The Argentine duo have continued to push their deep progressive sound this year following a 2015 which included releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Tash’s Movement Recordings. For their ‘One Last Kiss’ interpretation SLT go deep and percussive with great results. Dubby tones and a wealth of spacey electronics are a delight for the senses while a warm, full foundation carries a wonderful cadence. The main theme gets utilized to full capacity here with some lovely vocal accents bringing even more emotion out of it. Probably the prettiest of the versions here which makes it an ideal mix to end the release on. A great debut on Clinique recordings for Ozgur and three worthy remixes to boot. Don’t miss it. 


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