Pablo German – Midnight (Balkan Connection)

The 319th release on Balkan Connection finds the label welcoming Pablo German for his first appearance.

Pablo German - Midnight

The Argentinean producer began his production career in August of 2013 with a contribution to BCSA’s ‘NuBlood XVII’ compilation. Appearances on BC2 and Suffused Music followed in 2014 and now to kick off 2015 we see his debut single for Balkan Connection getting it’s release.

Pablo’s last original ‘Sound Valley’ for BC2 explored a deep, percussive sound which was well received by the progressive underground. His latest ‘Midnight’ is of similar magic. Back by a heavy, rolling groove and a wave of panning drums it has a bit of an old school tribal feel. The subtle musical elements are what set it apart from that though. A main break of warped melodies and ominous vocal elements casts a gloomy outlook which sets up the thunderous finale perfectly. Nice work from Pablo.

The first interpretation of ‘Midnight’ is provided by Dmitry Molosh who is returning to Balkan Connection for his fourth appearance. The Belarus based producer last appeared on the label with his ‘Elements’ single which was released in November of last year. Other 2014 highlights include remixes for Movement Recordings and System Recordings along with originals on Magic Room and Sound Avenue. Dmitry’s deep, dark and stripped back brand of progressive house has earned him a nice following and his ‘Midnight’ interpretation is sure to garner even more attention. With a uniquely tailored approach Dmitry has crafted a growling, bassy beast of a record. The drums while still being heavy are toned down compared to the original and the newly added electronics are not only quite trippy but highlight the mix wonderfully. Great stuff form Dmitry.

The second interpretation of ‘Midnight’ is provided by Jor Messina who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. Like Pablo Jor hails from the electronic music hotbed of Argentina. I first heard about this talented newcomer through his initial release on Mistique Music in June of last year and he has since appeared on LuPS Records, Sleepless Nights and Suffused Music. For his ‘Midnight’ interpretation Jor has added a unique melodic take on the track. A flurry of bubby hooks combined with ethereal pads and muted piano clusters makes for an enlightening listen and certainly the best of Jor’s young career.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Midnight’ is provided by MNR who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. The Canadian producer has been much talked about of late and with good reason. His recent remix for Electronic Tree earned radio support from Gai Barone and Solid Stone and was also charted by old school producer’s Jondi & Spesh. I’ve long felt MNR was quite underappreciated; from his initial productions for Sangria which now date back nearly two years to his more recent melodic gems for Stellar Fountain there is a magical quality that most of his work carries. That unique ability to combine melody and psychedelia has served him well and it’s evident once again on his ‘Midnight’ interpretation. Definitely the dreamiest creation on the release it’s warm billowed bass swells, gaseous textures and luminescent keys are something to get lost in whether you’re on the dance floor or dreaming the day away on your iPod. Excellent interpretation from MNR and another solid release from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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