Pad One – Substance (Superordinate Music)

The 13th release on Superordinate Music welcomes Pad One back to the label for a brand new EP.

Pad One - Substance

The Italian producer made his debut on the UK imprint in July of 2015 with the ‘Double Trouble’ EP which was the labels second ever release. He also remixed MiraculuM’s excellent ‘Cyclop’ in September and now to close the year out he returns for a new EP entitled ‘Substance’ alongside remixes from Yuriy From Russia and Loquai.

The lead track ‘Substance’ finds Pad One crafting a dark, old school flavoured progressive piece that sits nicely alongside some of his finest work. It’s chugging groove, ominous pads and menacing stabs carry the first act with a smooth energy into the break. Then comes a brief moment of beauty with some lovely design work melding with a meandering atmosphere, all while that one lonely stab cuts through the air. It’s dramatic and perfectly sets up an even more emotive conclusion. Deep and dark stuff from Pad One.

The EPs second selection ‘Dragonfly’ comes with a more playful vibe with lively electronics and bouncy beats. Ethereal synths highlight the top end and ultimately make for a great third act, one which sees the track build to a smooth emotive peak.

Lastly we have ‘Doors and Gates’ which might be the most dance floor oriented cut of the three. With a more tightly constructed and stripped down groove it’s immediately alluring. Made up of lovely hypnotic elements and mystical atmospheres it flows with a marching vibe into the main break. Here the atmospheric presence of the piece takes over and you’re met with a moment of beauty as shimmering overlays tantalize the senses. It’s relatively contained and doesn’t lose sight of the floor as the groove returns promptly for a strong finish. Three great cuts from Pad One which are already making their make in the progressive underground. 

There are also two remixes included on the release which offer some nice variety. Seasoned pros Yuriy From Russia and Loquai revamp ‘Substance’ and ‘Dragonfly’ respectively, with both delivering exceptional results. First is Yuriy’s deep and serene interpretation of ‘Substance’, definitely coming in more melodic than the original with gorgeous results. The Russian artist’s warm full groove sets the piece in motion while sweeping harmonies and strong rhythmic hooks make for several blissful moments along the way. The stripped down middle section and tribalistic drums are a highlight as well, it’s a gorgeous transition which sets up the heavenly finale quite nicely.

Lastly we have Loquai’s ‘Dragonfly’ interpretation which comes in quite a bit funkier and complements the original very well. Well carved slabs of bass make up a killer groove, with just enough space to really roll, while light tonal elements add a playful bounce. Trippy lines and long gaseous sweeps fill the air following a dramatic break, making for a rich and well textured conclusion. Another strong remix from Loquai and a great release from Superordinate Music once again.

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