Patrick Bodmer Confirms He’s Heading Up M.A.N.D.Y. Solo

With Patrick Bodmer now heading up M.A.N.D.Y. solo as the other member of the band Philipp Jung steps out on sabbatical, the Berlin based artist and co-founder of the Get Physical imprint wanted to revisit the duo’s latest long player and stamp his own mark on things alongside co-producer of the entire project Dubspeeka.

Hello Patrick. Thanks for joining us. Double Fantasy dropped last year and the remix album has followed with a lot of variation and contrast to the original. Can you tell us the thought process behind the remixes?

Hi guys. I just wanted to turn the songs from our album into tracks which I can play out in my sets since most of the originals were listening music only.

You did the remix album as a solo project with Phillip on hiatus. How will you be approaching upcoming M.A.N.D.Y. releases and shows differently moving forward?

It turned out that I was in the studio for M.A.N.D.Y. productions most of the time without Philipp, for a few years already – so in practice nothing will change really but, now that I represent M.A.N.D.Y. as a solo artist – I will have even more freedom to lead the music in an uncompromized direction, what feels really good. Some people say that art needs to be a dictatorship. Let´s see where this is leading to.

Congratulations as Get Physical is celebrating its 16th birthday this year. Will you have you any events to earmark this? What are you plans with the label moving forward? 

We will do 3 birthday parties: the first one in Berlin on the 29th of June at Watergate, for ADE in Amsterdam and one more in Tulum in Mexico. We will expand our signing’s with recording artists in other territories like Brazil, North America, South Africa and India as well as Mexico and Asia. Furthermore we are offering our resources and know how through label managing labels such as Kindisch, Avotre from Sante, Afro Acid Digital from DJ Pierre and we are launching a new label brand: Meta Physical, a new label to feature music beyond the dance floor.

Do you have any advice to DJ’s and producers when it comes to sending demos and wanting to get a release with you guys?

As we get tons of demos sent in every day, it’s impossible to listen to all of them. The best way is that you would find a direct contact to us via one of your friends or colleagues. 

We noticed lots of releases that are ending up no1 on Beatport where artists are recreating classics and releasing them as their own? What’s your opinion on that? 

I think this is legality wise not cool at all as your’re claiming other people’s music as your own. But as it might be impossible to get legal rights for some originals this is definitely a great way to spread the word of music you love. Even-though it is kind of stealing from my point of view sometimes. I would not play a generic tech house track with famous hit sample myself.

Do you think we have a lack of creativity in the scene now and which artists would you regards as people who are pushing things forward? 

House and Techno has existed for thirty years now, I really think it gets difficult to produce groundbreaking new music in this genre. every story is kind of told. But as a DJ you can combine all kinds of music in a unique and authentic new way – so that the feeling of the set can be fresh, groundbreaking and exiting while the tracks themselves might be old, or even boring. Peggy Gou is a very good example for being a fantastic artist and DJ in this way. As I love her oldschoolish productions.

Can you tell us what other things you’re looking forwarding to for the rest of this year and can fans expect anything different? 

I am working with Dubspeeka on a new project and I’m working on a new long player as well. There is a few EP’s already in the pipeline and a remix compilation for my actual album will be released later this year as well.

M.A.N.D.Y. – Housewife On Crystal (Rework) is out 15th June on Get Physical.


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