Paul Hamilton – Time (Baroque Records)

The latest release on Baroque Records welcomes Paul Hamilton back to the label for a new single entitled ‘Time’.

Paul Hamilton - Time

The Maltese born but now Dubai based producer has found a nice home on the storied UK imprint. His recent ‘Mechanical Noise’ EP from January of this year showcased more strong club grooves and his latest entitled ‘Time’ looks to be his best yet.

All of Paul’s productions carry this amazing energy and ‘Time’ is no different. Getting underway with a driving, fluid sounding groove and an airy atmospheric overlay there’s a wonderful vibe straight away. A brief drop and build serves to introduce more distinctive rhythms as the track continues building momentum towards the break. There’s a discernible tension here and one which gets momentarily lifted with a Coldplay ‘Clocks’ themed motif in the breakdown. It’s totally unexpected and one which will certainly go off on the right dance floor. It gets wistfully washed away quite quickly though and a big second half finishes things off with a bang. Huge track from Paul. There is also a dub included which comes with the same excellent energy of the original minus the lead melody from the break. Perfect for the less melodically inclined DJs out there.

The lone interpretation of ‘Time’ is provided by Subandrio who is making his first appearance on Baroque Records. The Dubai based producer caught the attention of the entire underground when his 3 track ‘Fractured Moment’ EP was released on Cid Inc’s Replug Records earlier this year. It’s been a steady flow of excellent productions ever since with an appearance on the Perspectives Digital WMC Sampler being another highlight. For his ‘Time’ interpretation Subandrio has opted for a deeper more groovy approach which absolutely rocks. A mean bottom end, phasing noise and strong rhythms generate a great vibe early. Sultry motifs carry the track into the main break where a revamped version of the melody takes center stage. It a gorgeous moment and one which a vortex of vocals gates and cosmic synths lead out of the break to a wicked finale. Brilliant work from Subandrio who continues to be one of the most exciting names in the underground. Excellent release from Baroque Records. Don’t miss it.

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