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Paul Hazendonk – Tenant Setting (Flow Vinyl)

DJ Pena’s Flow Vinyl returns this week and welcomes Paul Hazendonk to the label for his debut single.

Paul Hazendonk - Tenant Building

The Dutch producer and Manual Music label boss has had a very productive summer season, highlighted by releases on Einmusika and Stripped Recordings. Paul now makes his long awaited Flow Vinyl debut with ‘Tenant Setting’ alongside remixes from Dale Middleton and Estroe. 

For anyone that follows Paul you know his production output is quite varied. Whether it be straight forward tech house style cuts or more experimental electronica excursions, each and every piece that comes out of Paul’s studio is of meticulous quality. ‘Tenant Setting’ is definitely the former and aimed squarely at the dance floor with its funk-infused groove and quirky tonal themes. There’s some sizeable bounce locked in that groove and the moody quality of the lead motif is quite nice. A dramatic break proves to be the ideal centre piece with its modular build and tasteful payoff. Great work from Paul and certainly a solid debut on Flow Vinyl.

The first interpretation of ‘Tenant Setting’ is provided by Dale Middleton who is also making his first appearance on Flow Vinyl. 2015 has been filled with impressive accomplishments for Dale. In February, industry tastemaker Pete Tong dropped the UK producer’s ‘Engage’ on BBC Radio 1. The track enjoyed immense success as a result, rising all the way up to #3 in the Beatport Chillout chart. Dale then followed that up with his debut 3 track EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, which remains a highlight of the labels 2015 catalog. Much like Paul, Dale’s productions waver quite a bit from tech house to more straight forward techno and everything in between. For his ‘Tenant Setting’ interpretation Dale has gone a touch deeper and funkier while still retaining the cool vibe of the original. Undulating slabs of bass roll off each other to carve out a mind bending foundation, while a band of piercing stabs follows a deliberate rise towards the main break. Dale’s delivered many magic dance floor moments in the past and the calculated build and eventual payoff here is likely set for many more. It makes for an even larger third act with those piercing lead stabs taking the proceedings higher with each passing loop. Massive remix from Dale.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Tenant Setting’ is supplied by Estroe who is making her first appearance on Flow Vinyl. The Dutch producer and Rosedale Records label boss has been busy in 2015 building her new imprint with a string of excellent projects, the last of which saw her remix Nadia Struiwigh’s ‘Parallax’. Here she transforms ‘Tenant Setting’ into a slice of melancholic techno which is a delight for both your mind and feet. The main motifs from Paul’s original are conveyed in a more indistinct way while a band of funky bass tones and acidic designs tantalize your senses. There’s a story board of sonic decay which leads into the break, which is a somewhat unexpected and completely elating excursion into pad heaven. Gorgeous remix from Estroe which is my favourite here and also closes the release out on a high note. It makes for another awesome release from Flow Vinyl, don’t miss it.

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