Peter Sturm – Vega Remixes (BQ Recordings)

The latest release on BQ Recordings welcomes Peter Sturm back to the label for a brand new mix of ‘Vega’.

Peter Sturm - Vega Remixes

Originally released as part of the German artist’s ‘Interstellar’ EP in July of this year ‘Vega’ was not only it’s closing piece but also most emotive. Based around a series of indistinct motifs, sweeping vocal pads and a lush groove it still sits as one of Peter’s most emotional creations. Now for BQ’s 162nd release we find the label calling upon Ri Za to update the track for the Fall / Winter season.

Hailing from Slovakia Ri Za has long been one of his country’s most recognizable and respected progressive house artists. His discography is filled with quality releases on 238W, Sound Avenue, Soundteller, Dopamine, Alola and the list goes on. It’s the timeless appeal his music has which keeps his fans coming back for more and he’s delivered a fabulous remix of ‘Vega’ here. The beauty of Peter’s original can’t be overstated and Ri Za has done an amazing job at conveying those motifs over a groovier, more rugged foundation. There’s a greater sense of fullness and warmth in most of Ri Za’s more recent productions and it’s very evident here. It’s lively and vibrant with a bevy of tonal rhythms and quirky hooks which enhance the groove perfectly. Following a big first act the piece strips right down and the groove really shines as effects sweep across the framework with a psychedelic flair, before a glassy break brings things down and sets up a wicked finale. Huge remix from Ri Za and surely one of his all time best, it all makes for another quality offering from BQ Recordings. Don’t miss it.

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