Peter Van Der – Circles (Balkan Connection)

The 256th release on Balkan Connection sees the return of Peter Van Der to the label. The Mexican producer has appeared three times in the past but those were all for compilation series. Here he delivers his first single entitled ‘Circles’ which comes with a very impressive selection of mixes from Erdi Irmak and Loquai.

The punchy groove and soft atmospheric backdrop at the tracks outset sounds quite fabulous and when the sweeping glassy clusters make their first appearance it’s even more magical. The groove slowly gets accented with rhythmic stabs and further atmospheric accents which leads to the main break. The swirling electronics and spaced out vocal samples do a marvellous job of providing the perfect complementary interlude. The well textured beats and dubbed out rhythms soon reappear with the sparkling electronics tantalizing the senses towards a nice conclusion. We haven’t heard much about Peter in the past but after listening to this we certainly want to hear more, really solid production from him here.

The first remix is supplied by Erdi Irmak who friskyRadio’s Ingo Vogelmann recently referred to as one of 2013s most consistent producers. We tend to agree as everything the Turkish producer touches lately seems to really hit the spot. Erdi’s ‘Circles’ interpretation adds a cool techy edge to the groove and really expands on the atmospheric scope of the record. Waves of rolling synths take centre stage and really shine here. It’s certainly one of Erdi’s biggest sounding productions to date and should have all the spacey progressive lovers completely enthralled. The main break is completely captivating; clocking in a just over a minute the unearthly soundscape slowly builds to a dynamic peak before a massive finale. Huge stuff from Erdi and one of his best works this year.

The next two interpretations come from Loquai who is one of the gold standards in the progressive house underground. Loquai’s main mix is one of his more unique pieces in a while. The breaky groove and shuffling beats are really cool and should absolutely work on a very large range of dance floors. The subtle shimmers of atmosphere which get blended into the wavering backdrop are quite lovely as well and add just the right amount o sparkle to the otherwise dark sounding foundation. Loquai’s ‘Deep’ version is equally impressive; the sultry bass tones have a smooth roll which make the groove sound completely effortless. Loquai’s keen attention to detail always seems spot on and the subtle harmonic shifts which occur during the second half are certainly more evidence of that. A subtle beauty from Loquai and one of Balkan Connection’s best releases this year. Highly Recommended.

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