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Peter Wagner – Fat Dope Shit (Movement Recordings)

Portuguese producer Peter Wagner makes his debut on Movement Recordings for the labels 67th overall release. Peter is one of the most cherished DJs in the electronic music scene in Portugal and has been amazing crowds with his unique blend of melodic techno and progressive house. Production wise Peter has just come off his second release on Vazik’s on Sound of Earth imprint and his outings on Hush and Baroque are well noted as well. Peter’s debut EP for Movement Recordings is entitled ‘Fat Dope Shit’ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

‘Fat Beats’ is the first selection on the EP and it charges out of the gate with a pristinely processed techno groove. Tough beats, sparkling electronics and well polished drums lead to the introduction of a big, wobbly bass line which provides a cavernous groove that your dance floor is sure to adore. The relentless beats charge forward to the first drop where a funky melodic hook appears momentarily before the punishing beats drop back in and charge forward once again. The main breakdown strips the framework right down and brings back the quirky bell lead once more. Some cool modulation and a quick build brings the massive groove back once more along with some new electronic  stabs which give the groove that much more vivacity as it reaches an intense climax.

The second cut ‘Dope Shit’ begins with a similarly tough groove along with some spacey electronics which escalate nicely to reveal the monster bass line. Long trails of granular synths and prominent hits up the intensity mightily as the track rolls forward. The main drop strips the framework right down and starts building the monster groove back from scratch. It’s a monumental build that’s accompanied with a set of flickering synths that provide the ultimate dance floor hooks. When the menacing groove comes crashing back down amidst a crescendo of electronics expect a massive reaction from your dance floor.

The EP is closed out with ‘Womb’ which comes with the ultimate one note bass line that’s sure to put bounce into your dance floor. Intricately woven drums and futuristic sweeps build the tracks momentum as the main breakdown approaches. Peter has crafted another sure fire dance floor stunner as the waves of percussion begin to build once again revealing his club friendly groove and alien like electronics. The track concludes with a huge rush of energy as scattered synth elements play off the rocking groove for the ultimate rhythmic climax.

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