Philipp Wolf’s ‘Places’ Concept Takes Live Streaming To A New Level

With new music out this week Frankfurt based artist Philipp Wolf talks to us about his first residency, playing with Bodzin and his live streaming concept ‘Places’.

Hi Philipp, thanks for joining us today, tell us a bit about yourself, how old are you, where are you living and how long have you been producing music and DJing?

Philipp Wolf: Hey Mitch, thanks for having me! Philipp Wolf, 25 from Frankfurt, Germany! I have been Djing and producing for 8 years now.

How did you discover electronic music and what led you down the path of wanting to be a DJ and producer? Where do your early influences lie?

When I was 15, I watched a lot of YouTube videos of DJ Sets. I ordered a very low budget DJ Controller on Amazon to mix my favorite tracks. A few month later, I had the chance to play a set at the birthday party of a good friend of mine. Then came the first Highschool booking and one year later my first club set. After 2 years of DJing, I recognized, that it is more likely to become successful if you combine DJing AND producing. So I started making my first edits….

Tell us about your residency at ‘Colours’ and how it shaped your Dj style and career.

Philipp Wolf: Around the time I turned 18, I got the chance to play at the opening event of “Colours”, which later led to a residency at one of Frankfurt’s largest monthly events. This had a really important and good influence on my career.

Since autumn of this year, I am a part of the “Rawk” party series, which also takes place at Tanzhaus West. Last time we had DJ Rush and Björn Torwellen.

Tell us a bit about the scene in Germany and more specifically Frankfurt where you are based. You’ve played with a long list of impressive DJs all across Germany, what past gig stands out the most for you and why?

Philipp Wolf: For sure the performance with Stephan Bodzin. His sets are full of energy and feeling, the man is insane.

Who was the first big Dj to support your music and how important was that moment in terms of inspiration as well as being validated as an artist?

Philipp Wolf: Gabriel Ananda’s label “Soulful Techno” had a great influence. I released my EP “Frog” there last summer with very strong promo feedback. That’s my favorite so far.
Another small milestone is the upcoming release on the sub label of ‘Eimusika’ – I am very excited about it.

You’ve got a new EP out this week on Manual Music, tell us about your inspiration for the project and the production process behind the lead track ‘Chisel’.

Philipp Wolf: That’s right, this is a very old track that I dug up again last summer together with a good friend and finally finished in two long night sessions. Tone Depth and Carlo Whale did a remix of it and I have to say: I am a big fan!

You have a unique live-stream concept called ‘Places’, what is that exactly and how can fans check it out?

Philipp Wolf: Places is a unique live stream concept developed by the world traveller Marko Roth and me. With extraordinary locations, PLACES has already reached more than a million viewers. Some of them have taken place at a busy airport runway, during a helicopter and a hot air balloon ride, at a freezing ice rink or a cozy little barbershop, just to name a few. The DJ live set is broadcasted on our Facebook page and implemented in cooperation with several other partners.

Find ‘Places on Facebook: here

Find ‘Places’ on the web here

Who are some up and coming German artists to look out for?

Philipp Wolf: The Cologne duo Danito and & Athino. I had the pleasure of playing with them last spring. Great style and productions.

What five tracks are you currently loving the most at the moment?

Chisel (Tone Depth Remix) – Philipp Wolf
This Must Be the Place (Ghiz Reshapre) – M.O.F. & Ghiz
Still Not Born (Dub Mix) – Tim Green, The Slow Revolt
Strand – Stephan Bodzin
TANTALIS (Original Mix) – Roumex

What can we expect to hear from you next?

Philipp Wolf: For 2018, we are planning to further extend the ‘Places’ live-streams, as well as the release of tracks and remixes on labels such as ‘Sony’, ‘Get Physical – Poesie Musik’, ‘Manual Music’ and ‘Einmusik – EIN2’.

‘Chisel’ is out now on Maanual Music, you can purchase the release: here


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