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PHM – A Stolen Moment (Wide Angle Recordings)

Wide Angle Recordings is proud to welcome back two artists who are no strangers to the label or to the dance music industry. PHM returns with two awe-inspiring originals while veteran producer Oliver Lieb once again delivers a brilliantly executed remix. Altogether, A Moment Stolen is a beautiful journey in sound design and another push forward over the edge of melodic dance music.

The release opens with the title track, A Moment Stolen, which immediately transports you into the ethereal world of PHM. As if sinking into a luminous cave, the track slowly pulls you in with beautiful yet mysterious low end harmonies. Once settled, PHM introduces a quirky and highly infectious melody that compliments the mood perfectly.

The Seirenes picks up where the title track left off, creating a similar atmosphere yet dinstinctly more uplifting and groovy. Syncopated hats, grainy pads, and playful melody make this track quite versatile and equally mind-bending.

The thunderous kicks that introduce the third track make a clear statement: Oliver Lieb has arrived. For his remix of A Moment Stolen, Lieb takes full aim at the dancefloor with expert percision. Powerful low ends intertwine with spiraling pads in an expansive soundscape that will leave you spell-bound.

Altogether, the 3 tracks of A Moment Stolen create a totally unique listening experience that can only be acheived by the likes of PHM and Oliver Lieb. Enjoy the trip.

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