Phulk D – Beyond (Balkan Connection)

Rasha Milicevic aka Phulk D fist came to our attention with his many great releases on Switzerland’s Limeroads Recordings. The Serbian producer also appeared on Balkan Connection and Baroque since beginning his production alias Phulk D. This week sees his return to Balkan Connection for the labels 218th overall release and a new EP entitled ‘Beyond’ which comes with a massive set of remixes from: Kobana, Matt Fax and Andrew K.

The ‘Beyond’ original has a serene sounding melodic vibe that’s rooted with a very cool club friendly groove. The main stab has a real presence and adds just the right amount of pop to the groove. The meandering melodic elements are fabulously dreamy and build in intensity on through the breakdown which presents some understated tension and a nice payoff. A truly epic and inspiring production from Phulk D.

The first remix is provided by Kobana who is making his debut on Balkan Connection here. The Polish producer is well known for his appearances on Anjunadeep, Proton and Particles. Here Kobana has provided a cool stripped down version of ‘Beyond’ which comes with a great vocal hook, tough hits and a unique twist on the melodic elements from the original which sounds absolutely sensational. The next remix comes from the French teenage sensation Matt Fax who has really been grabbing our attention with his work on Axon and Progressive House Worldwide. Matt’s provided a gorgeous rework of ‘Beyond’ that makes great uses of the melodic elements from the original as well as adding some incredibly catchy hooks of his own. It’s a brilliant remix form Matt as it stays true to the main theme of the original but adds a new and exciting twist that is sure to go down well on the more melodic dance floors out there. The final remix comes from Vice Versa and Quadrature headman Andrew K who we first heard about with his now progressive classic ‘Clouds Go By’ from 2004. The Greek producer has continued pushing the pure progressive house sound over the last 10 years and his labels continue to be some of the best around. Andrew’s remix of ‘Beyond’  provides a wonderfully warm and emotional vibe which is the standout remix on the package for us. The rawness of the production and the shoegaze style atmospherics are completely enthralling; goosebump material for sure. Great stuff from Andrew. The package is closed out with a second original from Phulk D entitled ‘D13’. Its rounds the package out on a very strong note with a grinding groove, trippy hypnotic lines and a smooth middle section where the drums really come alive. A great release from Balkan Connection and two great originals from Phulk D. There is a real sadness that comes with this release however, Rasha Milicevic aka Phulk D passed away earlier this year and will be sorely missed in the electronic music scene. R.I.P Rasha. Your music will live on forever. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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