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We first announced our ‘Undiscovered’ partnership with Pioneer DJ Radio (PDJR) back in October. PDJR’s Graham Sahara explains more about the programme.

You’re heading up the Undiscovered project which is a collaboration between Pioneer DJ Radio and ourselves. Can you share info about the project for those who haven’t heard about it?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: We wanted to create a platform for talented DJs to showcase their skills, musical knowledge, tastes, and in many cases productions – to a much wider audience than they’ve done previously.

C-U is an industry platform that supports new talent. Pioneer DJ Radio wants to promote new artists and DJs, so our listeners can engage with new styles and sounds.

It’s discovery processes like this that keep the industry alive and moving forward. So it’s a very important programme for of both us, not to mention the DJs we’ll be featuring.

There are literally hundreds of new talent programmes on internet radio, so how is ‘Undiscovered’ going to different and what are the objectives?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: we’re looking to help these artists make a name for themselves or to help push on to the next level. This show is all about the music so ‘Undiscovered’ will be giving big opportunities to those that truly deserve them. We don’t care how many likes or plays you have on Soundcloud. Our goal is to support emerging talent. Full stop.

The weekly show launches on December 19th and is broadcast twice on Pioneer DJ Radio to cover listeners from around the globe. C-U will interview each DJ, and host their mixes its highly visited Soundcloud channel. Fanburst will also be promoting C-U’s Undiscovered playlist to all their followers. We’ll also be announcing extra promotional initiatives soon.

What makes you qualified to select the artists for this programme? 

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: I’ve been DJing since 1995 and living in Ibiza for over 20 years now, plus have now been a resident in Pacha since around the turn of the millennium. I first started producing around 2004 ish.

I also won Best Ibiza DJ this year at the DJ Awards in Ibiza.

How has your Best Ibiza DJ award changed your life as far as new bookings are concerned? And have you asked Pacha for a raise yet lol?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: Bookings have increased a bit plus there’s a few tours to some faraway lands next year in the works. It’s helped get my name out there a bit more than before, however it was also great to get recognition from my peers and people involved in the industry, after being an integral part of it for so long. And as for a raise well that shall remain secret sir!

You’ve lived in Ibiza a long time. Can you share some tips for anyone maybe thinking about becoming a DJ on the island and trying to make a living from it?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: This is the most difficult question for me to answer… being a resident DJ here in Ibiza, to get where I’ve reached you have to have many strings to your bow musically and be versatile, or you won’t get many gigs and won’t be able to stay here for too long.

I could drop you anything from an ambient sunset session, all the way through to opening the club for an underground artist, or a commercial artist in the correct way; to a peak time raging techno party at the drop of a hat. This is what all residents who’ve been here on the island for a while can do and this is why they’re still here!

We know you produce as well, so how would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard your music before? And which release would you say you’re most proud of?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: Being versatile does somewhat hinder your production efforts, as you can play different sounds every night, so you’re going in to the studio the next day in the same vibe as the night before… so maybe change what you’ve already started in to a different style. So that’s why I now mainly produce in the winter when I’m not playing daily.

I would say my preferred production style is house and techno with touches of deep. The production I’m most proud of is one that got nominated as best house track of the year in 2012 on Beatport (Matt Caselli & Danny Freakazoid – Long Legs Runnin’). It was a remix for a very good friend of mine as a favour and I had no idea it would do so well. So it was a breakthrough track for me.

Do you think it’s important for DJs to produce as well as DJ? And do you think it’s possible to break through these days without a production career?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: Your music is basically a massive business card that goes out around the world, so it’s the most important thing these days to really breaking through to the next level.

It’s virtually impossible to break through without producing.

I would say 97% of people who are big names are there because they produce. I would like to think that ‘Undiscovered’ will help artists get their productions heard in their mixes to a wider audience. And that people will be turning in because they trust that we will be selecting great artists, who are bringing something special to the table, rather than the Beatport top 10.

We want people to be different and special, rather than churning out the same old same old.

What are your personal goals with everything moving forward and what things do you have in the pipeline?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: Well now my kids are a bit older I plan to get back in the studio… I’ve missed it! It’s hard to produce when you’re getting distracted by your children, who (rightly so) need your attention; however now they’re older, it’s time to get things moving again. I believe the key to making productions that do well is to keep a lot of good ideas around for a while, because that way you know they’ve stood the test of time. So I’m really excited to start working on them properly.

How do DJs apply for ‘Undiscovered’?

Graham Sahara @ Pioneer DJ Radio: DJs should first create a Fanburst account and upload a 60 minute mix there as a private upload.

They should then send an Email to with:

1) A secret link to their exclusive mix
2) Press pic
3) Biography
4) Links to tracks they have either written or released.
5) Full Tracklist

All mixes need to be created exclusively for Undiscovered and will remain exclusive to Undiscovered thereafter.

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