Platunoff – To Stay Together (Soundteller Records)

Russian producer Platunoff makes his debut on Soundteller Records with ‘To Stay Together’.

platunoff to stay together

The 40th release on Soundteller Records finds the label returning with one of its strongest offerings of the year. It’s been a steady rise for Deersky’s much loved imprint. Roster additions of Cid Inc., Dousk, Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Stas Drive and Silinder have monumentally contributed to its growth. But it’s the keen mix of undiscovered talents that has made the label that much more special. This week finds Soundteller added another exciting new artist to the roster by the name of Platunoff. The Russian producers debut single for the label is entitled ‘To Stay Together’ and it comes with remixes from: Phonic Scoupe, Float and MiraculuM.

Going back over Platunoff’s discography the release on Clinique really stands out. The Russian producer’s funky groove and wonky melodies made for a very unique piece of music and he’s continued that trend here with ‘To Stay Together’. Backed by an incredibly tough groove Platunoff’s rolling rhythms and piercing melodic tones add a wonderful vibrancy to the groove. The ethereal breakdown may be the highlight though as it’s radiant beauty is quite captivating. Quality work from Platunoff.

The first interpretation is supplied by one of the remix teams of the moment in Phonic Scoupe. In addition to being chosen as one of the winners of the recent Sound Avenue / Han Haak remix contest the production trio has had a strong run of releases on Stripped Recordings and Stellar Fountain. For their ‘To Stay Together’ interpretation Phonic Scoupe have brought the track much closer to the dance floor with a very well constructed groove and cool hypnotic swing. These guys are quickly developing a near perfect combination of club friendly vibes mixed with traditional progressive house sensibilities. They’re on the money here once again and this should see loads of plays in the coming months.

The second interpretation of ‘To Stay Together’ is provided by Float who is making his debut on Soundteller here. Serbian producer Valdimir Mihajlovic aka Float has long been one of his country’s most unique talents. With a fusion of psychedelic sounds and cutting edge techno Float’s productions have been showcased on a wide range of quality imprints from Spin Twist Records and Iono Music all the way to Crossfade Sounds. He’s a very interesting remixer choice for this project and it’s turned out really well. In going with a much dubbier approach Float has massively overhauled the track into a very cool techno soundscape with a myriad of fresh elements. The tracks smooth transitions and overall flow are what make it so great. It’s like one well thought out seamless journey that leaves you wanting more. Excellent work form Float and one of the stand outs on the release.

The third and final interpretation is provided by MiraculuM who is returning to Soundteller Records for his third appearance. The Hungarian producer and owner of Stellar Fountain has just come off the release of ‘Juggernaut’ which launched East Cafe’s brand new Time Capsule imprint in fine style. A full length album is also expected early next year and his remix here has closed the package out on a strong note. MiraculuM’s production style has always been quite different for the underground sound which he is generally associated with and his unique production hallmarks are always refreshing to listen to. His electronica take on ‘To Stay Together’ is once again quite inspired and a real highpoint on the release. From its crunchy harmonics to a sweeping array of celestial melodies there is a lot to like here and definitely makes his impending album something to look forward to. A great release from Soundteller with a well thought out selection of remixes. Definitely one to go check out.

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