Platunoff – Story Of Life (Stellar Fountain)

The latest release on Stellar Fountain welcomes Platunoff to the label for his debut single entitled ‘Story of Life’.

Platunoff - Story Of Life (Stellar Fountain)

Russian producer Platunoff began his production career two and a half years ago with a string of releases on Emotional Noise. 2014 saw him branch out with appearances on OLD SQL Recordings, Suffused Music and Green Snake Recordings while in 2015 he added Aethereal, Abstract Space, Inmost and PHW Elements to his discography. Now we see Platunoff making his long awaited debut on Stellar Fountain with ‘Story of Life’ alongside remixes from Andres W and Ri9or.

Platunoff has been noted for his trancy, melodic approach to progressive music and ‘Story of Life’ exemplifies that quite well again. Following a DJ friendly intro of tough beats and waves of percussion, several dreamy motifs soon surround the framework. They escalate in calculated fashion to a short break followed by a barrage of claps which makes for a dynamic apex. There’s a great feeling about this one and it might be one of Platunoff’s best ever in fact.

The first interpretation of ‘Story of Life’ is provided by Andres W who is making his seventh appearance on Stellar Fountain. Andres Wolovich aka Andres W hails from Argentina and last appeared on the Hungarian imprint with a remix of ‘Alquimista’ by Colombian producer Fernando Olaya. Andres deep hypnotic sound has worked on wonders on the melodically charged original and proves to be a great complement for it. The tempo has been slowed just a touch and a more contemporary progressive sound achieved with a deep, chugging groove and some wonderfully tripped out electronics. Definitely one of Andres best to date and my favourite on the release.

The second and third interpretation’s of ‘Story of Life’ are provided by Ri9or who is making his 16th appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Russian producer has definitely found a home on the Hungarian imprint as he’s not only released several singles and remixes but also a full album. He’s provided two interpretations of ‘Story of Life’ with the first being a mid tempo, tripped out progressive number. Led by growling bass stabs and a complement of gleaming bells it definitely provides a nice alternative to the more direct original and the cool laidback version from Andres. Ri9or’s second interpretation takes a broken beat approach and sticks with some of the hallmark’s from his progressive mix, namely the grungy bass stabs. It’s quite spacious with some haunting vocal pads and tone bending synths delivering a nice combination of tension and beauty during the break, which preludes a stripped down but quite musical conclusion. Two solid mixes from Ri9or and an excellent release for Stellar Fountain. Don’t miss it. 

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