Premiere: Drunken Kong Goes Deep With Some Melodic Techno On Stil Vor Talent

DRUNKEN KONG is the moniker of D.Singh. He has released music on Tronic, Terminal M, Transmit Recordings, Sessions WOMB and more.

Closing off 2019 in style, Stil vor Talent presents “The Last Trip 2” which is a ten-track compilation that is laden with audio gifts from five international producers of melodic house and techno.

The release features five artists inclouding Kiko, Thousand Sirens, VNTM, Drunken Kong, and Heerhorst who each provide two tracks.

Laying the foundation for this club-ready collection of tracks is French producer Kiko, bringing a certain je ne sais quoi with the full spectral ‘Echoes of Light’ and the multifaceted ‘Panavision.’

Thousand Sirens follows up with with the driving psychedelia of ‘Kahlil,’ priming the dancefloor for an intrepid journey with ‘Humanizm,’ a trippy, bass-heavy track interwoven with powerful, thought-inspiring vocal samples.

Hot to trot VNTM commands attention with his unique riff on dark, underground techno interspersed with progressive melodies in. ‘Echoist’ packs a punch, and ‘Orange Skies’ delivers the roundhouse kick with its upbeat, squelchy synths.

Drunken Kong raises the tempo with the expansive ‘Uncovered,’ laced with exotic strings in a nod to his Asian heritage. ‘The Eye’ certain to engage the dancefloor with its charismatic tones and dynamic percussion.

You would be forgiven for expecting a genie to jump out of a bottle as you travel through the lush soundscapes of Heerhorst’s ‘Magic Carpet.’ Riding into the sunset is ‘1001,’ rounding off the compilation.

We are proud to present this exclusive premiere of Drunken Kong’s track ‘The Eye’ which can be purchased from HERE

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