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Premiere: and Gunman tell us out their new EP on My Favourite Freaks Music and Gunman have featured on labels such as Gren Velvet’s Cajual, and are back on My Favourite Freaks Music with a new EP that’s out on vinyl.

We have premiered the chunky tech-house track “Humanize” and also caught up with the guys to find out more about the release…

Hi Guys, can you start by telling us about yourselves, and how you first got into electronic music? I started practising DJing at the age of 11 as my brother had some stupid old turntables without a pitch and a mixer at home. When I was 16 I hosted my own parties and with 19 I started to play at well-known clubs in my hometown Mainz and Wiesbaden. In 2009 I started the project and had directly my first hit on Off Recordings which also was the first hit on the label that made the label and me popular.

I met Gunman in 2002 as I booked him for my parties and he booked me for his parties. When he booked me some years later he told me that he thinking about to quitting djing as you need to produce music but he wasn’t a producer. That’s why I invited him to my studio and we started to work together. First I was the one who produced the tracks and he just learned as much as he could until he built up his own studio and started to produce his own tracks. Now it’s always 50/50 when we produce together.

On the & Gunman tracks we started to find our trademark sound. That’s why it isn’t easy to produce a lot of tracks as we always try to have the same sounding at all tracks. But we don’t need a mass of releases as we are happy with the results 🙂

Gunman: I started deejaying in 1993 in my living room. After 6 months of practice I got a resident job in a big club. I managed my own parties, opened my Recordstore “Groovy” in 1996 (till today) and lived my electronic life. In 2012 I felt like in a dead end. convinced me to take the next step and so now we work together.

Could you talk us through your new track “Humanize” and the EP that it features on? We are both big fans of the Chicago or Detroit like house music and one track which really influenced us is “Floorplan – Never Grow Old”. “Humanize” was the result of us trying to approach the style of the track by “Floorplan”.

The other two tracks are in our usual style but like always, we try to give every track its own special something.

“Spice” is a more housy track with a fat synth line at the main break and a great vocal which gives the track a special note.

“Haus” is the German word for house. On this track, we tried to do a microhouse track with a cool “Dance me and I dance you” vocal.

Gunman: The Humanize EP is the result of a long refining process. Our last “The Voice / The Groove” release was the fusion of our both styles in those tracks. So we are very happy with the outcome of our studio work.

How did you meet the team behind My Favourite Freaks who are releasing your new EP, and is this your first release on the imprint? Easy … My Favourite Freaks is my imprint. I started building up a booking agency together with a good friend years ago. First it was named Weplayminimal Booking as I had a label with the same name. A year later we were thinking about changing the name and my partner said :”Mate, you had a track called I’m my favourite freak on Jesse Rose’s label Playitdown. Why not name the booking agency My Favourite Freaks?” And this was the beginning of a new era for us. After waiting a long time and trying to find the best style and artworks for the label we also started My Favourite Freaks Music.

As it’s my own label we already had some more releases on My Favourite Freaks. Our most successful track on My Favourite Freaks is “I Believe” which is now a bonus track on the new vinyl.

Gunman: We use My Favourite Freaks for our Vinyl releases. It’s a good platform for our development. That’s the nice thing about electronic music: You’re never at the end of your possibilities if you can work on your own labels.

Which other labels have you worked with, and what’s been your proudest moment to date? We are always proud when we are finishing new tracks together, and if those get released on a good label, but for sure the biggest thing was when Green Velvet signed two tracks of us on his label Cajual. Both tracks sold really good and got a high position at the Beatport tech-house / house charts.

Other labels we worked with are Lapsus, Wow! Recordings, Smiley Fingers, Great Stuff, Safe Music and New Violence Records.

Gunman: I was on holidays as wrote me to sign the contract with Cajual. Wow, that was crazy! Also, our follow-up on other labels was a big success for us.

Have there been any big-name DJ’s supporting your music, and who is the DJ/producer that inspires you the most? As I am well known in the business for years I already was supported by almost all big players like Sven Väth, Loco Dice, Davide Squillace, Richie Hawtin, Mousse T., Radio Slave, and many many more.

At the moment Steve Lawler is supporting our label a lot and also named it as one of his favourite labels. He’s also playing tracks of us. Other artists who are playing or charted our tracks are Green Velvet, Supernova, Sam Divine, Christian Smith, Russ Yallop, Franky Rizardo, Prok & Fitch, Darius Syrossian, Wally Lopez, Karotte, Anek, Mendo and many more.

Gunman: My school friend and well known XDB likes our stuff and takes our Vinyl around the world. At the moment I enjoy the sound of Sven Tasnadi, Koze, Detlef and his brother Tennan but also many very good but rather unknown producers. As a Wax DJ my focus is more on Vinyl sale portals but there are a lot of new artists who did not get a lot of audience.

What’s next in your schedule after the My Favourite Freaks release hits stores ‪on the 31st of January? We already finished the next two tracks and are currently looking for a label. As Steve Lawler is a big fan, maybe something will happen on his label sooner or later. But as we just started to send out the demo we just have to wait for the labels feedbacks. So we are curious which label will give us the chance to release our new tracks under their name.

Gunman: For me, it would be cool if a Vinyl Label would give us the attention with a release, but it´s not a must. For playing my new stuff I had a dubplate fabricated.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers about? Just play our music, we really would appreciate it ?

Gunman: Play our music – Give power to the electronic scene – Be nice 🙂

You can pre-order copy of and Gunman’s new release on My Favourite Freaks Music from HERE

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