Progreg – Never Look Back (Stellar Fountain)

Progreg is a talented representative of the new breed of russian progressive movement. Each of his original work is an experiment between progressive sound and melodic techno. This also stands for ‘Never Look Back’, which is more to the progressive side, thanks to it’s melodic vein. The package also contains three remixes alongside with the original, presented by Matias Chilano, Spacebeat and Arturo Hevia.

The original mix sets the mood for further listening. The basic of the track flirts with techno, while the warm synth notes and string layers draw a peaceful image overall to the production.Matias Chilano’s version is a beautiful trip to the world of harmonies. All the used textures are in the right place, combining each others strenght into one massive flow.Spacebeat slow down the tempo, put his beloved sound presets, mixed the melodic parts with his creative ideas and a fantastic piece was born.Arturo Hevia dreamed a slow evolving, techno monster with haunting atmosphere, including the main, chilling chords from the original track.

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