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Progress Inn – Currents EP (3rd Avenue)

The ninth release on Sound Avenue’s 3rd Avenue imprint is out this week and it features the debut of Progress Inn to the label. Janko Dragovic and Igor Kadic make up the Progress Inn production team and are both originally from former Yugoslavia but are now currently based in Perth, Australia. Janko and Igor have been having a sensational 2013 with releases on Bermudos, Vapour, Soulfire and Balkan Connection. Concurrently 3rd Avenue has now after only 8 releases established itself as the equal progressive counterpart to the broad Sound Avenue and eclectic Crossfade Sounds which have been delighting electronic music fans for years now. Progress Inn’s debut EP for 3rd Avenue is entitled ‘Currents’ and it comes with 3 brand new original productions.

The title track is a deep, techy throbber that’s got one of those wicked late night vibes about it. The hazy, character drenched sheets are both druggy and mesmerizing while the tough framework keeps you from drifting too far off the dance floor. A wealth of intricate electronics and a smooth flowing, buzzy atmosphere leads the track to the main drop. Here after being completely stripped down the wavering atmospheres stand alone for a marvellous wastelandic type vibe. When the smooth beats and rugged rhythms drop back in it’s certainly a magic moment and it’s one that an educated, clued dance floor is going to eat up. Wicked stuff from Progress Inn.

The second and third tracks are incredibly strong as well. ‘Gin and Techtonics’ carries a very similar vibe to ‘Currents’ but with a slightly more stripped and spacious feel. An intriguing vocal sample adds a cool hook while a subtle acid line percolates just right. As with so many great electronic music tracks it’s the simple things that sometimes make all the difference. As is the case with the clever beat layering we see a few times throughout ‘Gin and Techtonics’. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much on paper but on the dance floor it ups the intensity nicely and should get a big reaction. The closing track ‘Splice’ continues with the dub techno vibe and carries the overall theme of the EP well. This release marks the freshest beats we’ve heard coming from Progress Inn’s studio and it looks like some great things are on the horizon for this Aussie based duo. Highly Recommended.

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