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qoob – Desert Cry (Asymmetric Recordings)

One of Israel’s finest electronic music imprints Asymmetric Recordings returns this week for their fourth release of 2014. Run by DJ/producer Lonya Asymmetric has been a firm favourite of many DJs over the course of its near six year existence with Hernan Cattaneo being one of the most notable. The labels newest release comes from the Russian duo qoob who present their newest studio production entitled ‘Desert Cry’ which includes remixes from Dark Soul Project, Or Weisinger and Afriat.

Qoob’s recent releases on Sleepless Nights, Soundteller and Lowbit have all been quite exceptional. The duos lush sounding remix of Soulfinder & Svelte ‘Spoken Truth’ from late December of 2013 was an office favourite and their latest original ‘Desert Cry’ is equally appealing. Parts of this record are eerily haunting; it’s quite a unique vibe that qoob have crafted here. The deep, soulful nature of the track is given some punch with tough beats and very dynamic electronics. The trippy musicality that’s displayed during the main break is one of the most special moments in the record though. Rich in soul and meditative vibes it’s something that’s going to stick with you for a while. Excellent work from qoob.

The first remix comes from Dark Soul Project who is making his first appearance on Asymmetric. The Argentinean producer has been a long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and has also appeared on his Sudbeat Music label along with other great imprints like Manual Music and Baires Records. I’ve actually loved his productions all the way back to when he was appearing on Mistique at the beginning of his career. His sound has evolved immensely since then and his remix of ‘Desert Cry’ is outstanding. In taking a much more dance floor oriented approach Dark Soul Project has once again crafted a percussive monster of a remix. The massive build which goes down in the first 3 minutes is positively epic and the unique vocal stabs which follow are very striking. It’s one of DSP’s biggest and most powerful productions in quite some time and it seems fitting to see it on an excellent imprint like Asymmetric Recordings.

The second interpretation on the release comes from Or Weisinger’ who is making his fourth appearance on Asymmetric. The Tel Aviv based producer made his production debut on Crossfade Sounds in early February of last year and quickly followed that up with several on Asymmetric to close the year out. Or’s deep, tech house take on ‘Desert Cry’ is a welcome addition to the package. It’s smooth hypnotic waves are delightfully intoxicating and it gives the production a much trackier feel which makes it ideal for a broad range of dance floors. The mildly warped electronics which close the production out are also incredibly cool and work well with the very strong rhythms which carry the piece. Solid work from Or!

The final remix on the release comes from Afriat who is making his debut appearance on Asymmetric. The Israeli producer has a very impressive discography which boasts appearances on 1605, Definitive and Jungle Funk Recordings. Afriat has delivered an exceptional remix of ‘Desert Sky’ which is one of the strongest on the release. The heavy grooves and charging drums are very powerful and seem tailor made for an up for it dance floor. The wavering tones and bubbly acid lines along with a twisted take on the lead elements all sound fresh as hell. It closes the package out on a very strong note and would certainly be a worthy addition to a broad range of DJ sets out there. Excellent release from Asymmetric Recordings once again.

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