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Quivver – Finally (Boz Boz)

Quivver’s Boz Boz Records returns with a brand new single entitled ‘Finally’ from the man himself.

quivver finally

Boz Boz Records made a most welcome return in June of this year. It ended what was a four year hiatus for John Graham’s storied label and left fans hoping there was more to come. Luckily there is as a brand new record entitled ‘Finally’ from the man himself has just been unleashed this week.

There is no groove like a Quivver groove. Thick, chunky and full of wicked hypnotic swing. ‘Finally’ carries all of those traits and much more. A wide array of fresh vocal stabs add mightily to the already strong foundation and a series of bubbly synths provide immense depth and texture. The break may be the highlight though with a gorgeous sequence of soft textural tones and timeless rhythmic elements. As with all Quivver productions there is a strong element of funk but it never detracts from the cool, underground club vibes. Highly Recommended.

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