Quivver returns to Sudbeat with another three-track demonstration of how he has retained his place at the front of the pack for so long.

John ‘Quivver’ Graham has worked on rock albums and film-scores, and so we should count ourselves damn lucky that for over 20 years now he has chosen to make electronic music, particularly house, techno, and progressive, his primary musical home. This EP – the follow-up to last year’s wonderful ‘Pictures’, one of the highlights of Sudbeats 3 – is further evidence of just how lucky we are. The title track is one of those dancefloor monsters that Quivver has perfected over the years (though at the risk of sounding like a broken record, ‘Everything Remains the Same’ remains the best example of Quivver’s work in this mode). All the winning elements are present and correct, with bouncy percussion, hefty bass lines, bleepy melodic touches, and a cleverly manipulated vocal. ‘Call’ radiates warmth and joy, with uplifting pads, a motoring bassline, and a hook that’s not only incredibly catchy, but thanks to Quivver’s production skills, has this incredible texture and presence to it. It’s gorgeous and inspirational, and easily one of the musical highlights of the year so far. Finally, Quivver’s last track is ‘What Am I Dreaming’, a more understated number with a moody intro setting the scene nicely for dubby stabs, a muscular bassline, and mysterious chimes, while the breakdown and second half of the track add on even more atmosphere with whispered chanting, and half-heard soulful vocal samples providing a subtle finale. This is likely to appeal to those who liked Quivver’s ‘Wait For You’ last year on Selador – it’s got a similar sound and feel, though there’s a nice eerier edge here.

Quivver’s music has soundtracked my entire adult life, but music isn’t just a passive back-drop – it shapes our moods and our perceptions of things. With this EP, particularly with ‘Call’, Quivver has once again made my life that little bit better – let him do the same for you.


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