Rebūke’s new EP, Jump Ship, is a fresh take on tech-house

Rebūke, an Irish-born producer, is motivated to disrupt the tech-house scene. The artist’s goal is to create an original sound because he was “tired” of listening to so many similar tracks. Lucky for us, his new EP release on DIRTYBIRD is a success and an accomplishment of his goal.

The EP title, Jump Ship, seems like a metaphor for the departure from the norm and an invitation for us to take the leap with him. The opening track, aptly named Jump Ship begins with a classic house beat and building cymbals, putting the listener into a familiar state of mind. Rebūke quickly disrupts the feeling of familiarity and transports us to the jungle, with djembe-like drum sounds pouring into our ears and infecting our minds. He plays with different rhythms and beats per minute and gives us high energy through till the end.

The second track on the EP is similar and keeps with the jungle soundscape as fluttering flute-like synths ebb and flow between intensity and softness. It’s truly unique and a pleasure to listen to. The EP invites us to be awakened to Rebūke’s style and both tracks will have you gyrating from head to toe. 



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