Reflection Soul pres. Dofamine – Lost Time (Suffused Music)

The 101st release on Suffused Music welcomes Reflection Soul to the label for a brand new single.

Suffused Music

Robert aka Reflection Soul hails from Russia and first hit the scene with releases on Balkan Connection and Stripped Digital in 2011. Subsequent releases on Bonzai Records and Perfecto furthered Robert’s unique sound and we now see him presenting a new alias. ‘Dofamine’ represents a new beginning for Robert and his debut single ‘Lost Time’ gets the moniker off to a great start.

The original mix gets underway with a tough techy framework and an underbelly of growling bass. Smooth chord changes then build anticipation for the introduction of a jangly guitar. Distorted lines and gleaming bells slowly encompass the groove and carry the track on an emotional ride to the break. The serene interlude builds on the guitar motifs with a sequence of pianos and harmonic refrain. It’s a blissful moment and perhaps the most poignant of Reflection Soul’s career. The euphoric build is subtle but calculated and the eventual payoff is sure to stick with your dance floor long after the night is over.

The first interpretation of ‘Lost Time’ is provided by Alex Vidal who is making his second appearance on Suffused Music. The Spanish producer has been very busy this year with a long string of remix productions for Balkan Connection, Bonzai Records, Mistique Music and OLD SQL Recordings. He’s got a unique blend of progressive and trance which has lent itself quite well to the ‘Lost Time’ theme. With a more uptempo groove and driving rhythms Alex’s version provides a jolt of energy. It’s trailing effects and hooky synths make for a dynamic groove and the main break showcases the lead elements beautifully for a magical moment.

The second interpretation of ‘Lost Time’ is provided by Phonic Scoupe who are making their first appearance on Suffused Music. The Lithuanian production team were one of the most hyped groups in the underground all through 2014. In addition to being chosen as one of the winners of the Sound Avenue / Han Haak remix contest the production trio had a strong run of releases on Stripped Recordings, Soundteller Records and Fade Records. For their ‘Lost Time’ interpretation Phonic Scoupe have added their own unique brand of sonic funk. Bulging bass stabs carve out a killer groove which methodically builds though subtle modulation. The main theme from the original is portrayed in classic fashion with a grandiose moment during the main break. As the soulful plucks give way to the piano a classic drum roll begins which sets in motion a joyous climax that sits as one of Phonic Scoupe’s all time best.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Lost Time’ is provided by Tuxedo who is also making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Polish producer and head of Electronic Tree has been having the best year of career, his original productions for 238*West and Pro-B-Tech have been outstanding along with remixes for Particles, Stripped Digital and Soundteller Records. For his Suffused Music debut Tuxedo has closed the release out in style with a brilliant interpretation of ‘Lost Time’. In going with a deeper, dubbier and more mysterious take the Polish producer has complemented the previous, more traditional remixes quite well. From its acidic groove, timeless tones and techno soul it ends the release with a smooth rush of emotion that leaves you wanting more. Brilliant work from Tuxedo and another great release from Suffused Music. Don’t miss it.

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