Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 30

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

soulForm – Synesthesia (Quivvers Space Manouevre’s Remix) [BTechNoir]

Bernt Lawson’s BTechNoir presents it’s most anticipated and best offering to date this week. The previously released ‘Synesthesia’ by soulForm gets reworked by Dave Seaman, Quivver and Kri Samadhi. It’s Quivver’s remix we’re showcasing here and interestingly it’s coined Quivver’s ‘Space Manoeuvres’ Remix which for long time progressive house fans is certainly a pleasant sight. Not sure if this means that moniker may be getting rejuvenated or not but there are certainly elements of that distinctive sound here. A spacier, more atmospheric take on the Quivver sound essentially, which really comes out in how he used the vocals. reprocessed to maximum effect, they play a large role in the storyboard as do astral electronics and a shifty harmonic resonance. It comes together quite brilliantly for a dance floor friendly, moderately psychedelic affair. Killer remix from John.

Huminal – We Dwell In The Past (Subandrio Remix) [Slideways Music]

The consistently excellent Slideways Music returns with latest installment of their ‘Edition’ series. Huminal’s ‘We Dwell In The Past’ is in the spotlight and it’s Subandrio remix which captures our attention.. It’s 11 minute running is immediately appealing and what a story he’s crafted, effortlessly moving through velvety textures, acidic rhythms and a storyboard of cosmic effects.

Paul Deep (AR) & Sebastian Franco – Nohono [Or Two Strangers]

The first of five cuts from Paul Deep’s new EP for Antrim’s Or Two Strangers imprint. Here he teams up with fellow countryman Sebastian Franco on the title track ‘Nohono’. A cross-cultural creation with mystical vocal motifs and a heady organic vibe. A definite standout from the EP

Chris Cargo – Dusk (Matter Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

The resurgence of Chris Cargo continues and this week it’s courtesy of Stellar Fountain with label artist Matter delivers yet another excellent remix. It’s darker, edgy approach brings a wealth of electrifying moments as effects fire and waves of percussion brighten the murky, atmospheric haze. Haunting and beautiful in equal measure, the vocal elements are striking, coming at timely moments to deliver just the right emotional response.

Shake Sofa – Can’t U See (Danny Oliveira Remix) [Dear Deer]

The latest from Dear Deer Records finds Shake Sofa returning to the label with a brand new single entitled ‘Can’t U See’. Brazil’s Danny Oliveira takes things into more techno inspired territory with crisp beats, stunning design and a trio of breaks which make for a very intriguing storyboard.

Marc De Koning – Signature (Jaap Ligthart Remix) [MNL]

Paul Hazendonk’s labels are definitely on a roll this summer, very prolific and with high quality offerings. This week his MNL imprint presents a new single from Dutch artist Marc De Koning. It’s the always excellent Jaap Ligthart delivering the standout remix here. The Dutch artist slows the tempo just a touch and while maintaining the records liquid-like flow, opts for a dubbier and thus very complementary approach.

Jiminy Hop – Hypnotic (Geist Remix) [Majestic Family Records]

The latest from Russia’s Majestic Family finds the label showcasing new remixes of Jiminy Hop’s ‘Hypnotic’. London born, Sweden based artist Geist provides the mix of choice here, led by waves of arpy hooks and a modern framework.

Navar – The Slowbeq Paragraph (Alfonso Muchacho Remix) [Yin]

The highlight of a five track Alfonso Muchacho remix marathon courtesy of Yin. It’s his take on Navar’s ‘The Slowbeq Paragraph’ which stand out, the dutch artist’s organic qualities come through nicely and with Alfonso’s keen sense of dance floor dynamics you’ve got a winner.

Crocy – Because (George Yammine Revision) [Just Movement]

Slovenian artist Crocy makes his Just Movement debut this week with ‘Because’, highlighted by an excellent remix from George Yammine. The Danish artist complements the original with a deeper and equally enchanting interpretation. Crisp beats, swirling atmospherics and spiralling motifs make for a gorgeous nine minute journey and one that’s just in time for the seaside season.

Feri – Recall (rAin Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony imprint continues to deliver strong material and this week it’s Mauritius based artist rAin stepping up for a great remix of ‘Recall’ by Feri. Funk, groove and playful melodies go a long way here and that raspy stab adds just the right amount of grit to an otherwise shiny production.


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