Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 33

Progressive House Promo Pool and industry hype chart – Release Promo share their weekly must hear tracks.

Ad Brown – Calibre (Gai Barone Swiss Bahnhof Remix) [Yang]

Definitely the track of the week for us. There are few better at crafting poignant progressive house than Gai Barone. Here the Italian artist takes Ad Brown’s ‘Calibre’ into deeper territory with a subterranean groove, elegant motifs and charming melodies. It’s the slow burning tension combined with splashes of emotion which deliver a sensational first act, ultimately setting up a deeply moving, heartwarming break, full of muted pianos and cosmic trails, played out over two magical minutes. Just sit back and listen to this one straight through, it’s another masterpiece from Gai Barone.

Morttagua & Gaby Endo – Urania (Danito & Athina Remix) [Timeless Moment]

Hailing from Cologne, Germany Danny Wendt and Tina Charalampidis aka Danito and Athina make their debut on Timeless Moment this week with a deadly remix of Morttagua & Gaby Endo. Mystical and groovy with tribal elements and a killer progressive sensibility.

Pablo Cetrini – Intentions [Sound Avenue]

One of the selections from Sound Avenue’s new ‘ Correlation’ compilation finds Pablo Cetrini contributing his ‘Intentions’. The Guy Mantzur favourite brings more of his pure progressive sensibilities with a deep, mystical and incredibly groovy creation that sets a wonderful tone for the entire release.

Santiago Nino – Soul Catching Machine (Chris Cargo Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Stellar Fountain puts two progressive house veterans together on their latest release with Chris Cargo remixing Santiago Nino. The Irish artist goes deeper, techier and with lovely dramatic moments. As you’d expect the production is rock solid; ultra crisp and bursting with ultrasonic quality. The dark undertone running through the foundation is quite compelling, building tension with each successive loop before the main break introduces an acid-like motif, sitting perfectly against the groove resulting in capsizing swing. Big remix from Chris.

Matter – Pronoia (Subconscious Tales remix) [Balkan Connection]

Another excellent installment in Balkan Connection’s ‘Edition’ series arrives this week with Matter’s ‘Pronoia’. Subconscious Tales closes the release out with a great rendition upping the tempo with percussive waves and rolling rhythms. Gentle acid hooks carry nicely through the main break before a rush of white noise cements the rhythmic core once more.

Fractal Architect – Second Sight [ICONYC]

I’ve said it before but it always seems John Johnson’s ICONYC gets the best of its artists and this is one of fractal Architect’s all time best. Pristinely produced, ultra smooth with wicked vocal edits and spaced out melodies all wrapped up in a concisely arranged six minute journey. Lovely stuff.

LOM – Transmissions [The Sessions Recordings]

LOM’s debut on C-Jay’s The Sessions imprint definitely impresses. It’s always the intricate details that are most striking in the Argentine’s productions. Impeccably produced, ‘Transmissions’ begins with a warm, undulating groove, gorgeous hypnotic elements and waves of firing percussion. The dreamy synths which phase in and out of the framework are incredibly striking, constantly evolving for new aural delights at each successive pass. Timely effects add a trippy flair, upping the drama just a touch but without losing the amazing ethereal feel of the track. Bubbly arps play nicely into the main break, very timeless in design and with a modular narrative that is oh so subtle but appease the senses tenfold as a result. Definitely one for the more astute progressive house aficionado and another standout piece in LOM’s discography.

Antrim – The Beginning Of The Dawn (KOBB Remix) [Asymmetric Recordings]

Kobb returns to Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings this week with a remix of Antrim’s ‘The Beginning of the Dawn’. The Israeli artist  ups the tempo a touch and toughens up the framework with dark electronics, tight beats and crisp drums. Quite haunting, it moves through a variety of intriguing effects and vocal elements, before a tension filled break brings the house down. Monster remix from Kobb.

Diogo Ribeiro – It’s Possible (K Nass Remix) [Movement Recordings]

K Nass returns to Tash’s Movement Recordings this week with a remix of ‘It’s Possible’ by Diogo Ribeiro. The Egyptian artist and Northern Lights label boss brings his brand of trippy progressive house to the track with great results. Re-processed vocals, spiralling motifs and layers of intricate percussion make for a superb first act before a spaced out break takes you further into the cosmos. The near two minute interlude is quite compelling with unique sonic traits and a bevy of intriguing designs ultimately setting up a heady conclusion.

Tim Robert – We’re Good Together (Pacco & Rudy B Remix) [Suffused Music]

The latest from Suffused Music fines Pacco & Rudy B on the remix for US artist Tim Robert. The Croatian duo have crafted something extra special here, taking ‘We’re Good Together’ into smooth, meditative and utterly charming territory. Wispy, chopped up vocals play off the tightly knit framework building a strong rhythmic core, before the first of two breaks brings the full vocal complement. Hypnotic synths further the storyboard with a buzzing tension before the kick drops and the hazy harmonies take you home. Lovely remix from Pacco & Rudy B.


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