Release Promo Progressive House Hype Chart Week 40

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Glenn Morrison – Jade Garden (Colin Benders Extended Dream Remix) [Fall From Grace Records]

The latest from Canadian imprint Fall From Grace finds label boss Glenn Morrison back in the spotlight with a brand new single. It’s Colin Bender’s stunning ‘Extended Dream’ interpretation which is no doubt the track of the week. Thirteen minutes of modular melodic bliss that hits the spot every single time.

Sam Jaspersohn – Santanera (Justin Marchacos Remix) [Tenampa Recordings]

Tenampa recordings continues on roll this week by welcoming Sam Jaspersohn to the label with a two track EP. NYC artist Justin Marchacos delivers a stunning remix of ‘Santanera’, upping the tempo and adding strong bass swells, indistinct vocals and a charming melodic narrative. A gorgeous remix from Justin who has been quiet for two and half years following an EP for Cityfox. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a wave of new music from his studio.

B Selekt – Your Love (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [Audio]

The debut release from new label Audio hits this week showcasing a single from B Selekt. Dmitry Molosh delivers a stellar remix, launching the label in style. Lowering the tempo and opening the groove up creates an entirely different sonic space which Dmitry puts to great use. Full of electric synths and astral effects it’s a pure progressive fans dream and the vocal, while chopped and heavily processed does add a nice ethereal flair at timely moments, particularly after a mammoth build out of the break.

Diego Poblets – Immortal (Juan Deminicis Remix) [Or Two Strangers]

The latest release on Antrim’s Or Two Strangers imprint welcomes Diego Poblets to the label for his debut EP. The lone interpretation of ‘Immortal’ is provided by Juan Deminicis who is making his first appearance on the label. As one of Argentina’s foremost electronic music talents Juan’s productions have been featured on both Sudbeat Music and Lost & Found Records. His deep and distinctive sound continues to be a favourite amongst the top DJs with Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J being two of his long time supporters. Now making his much anticipated debut on Or Two Strangers Juan puts his own unique twist on ‘Immortal’. Deep and dubby in all the right ways the piece flows effortlessly with harmonic shifts, clustered claps and astral effects. A meditative second acts proves to be the most powerful; transcendent and emotive it’s sparks a smooth drop and hypnotic finale.

Jonnie King & Ido – Colors feat. Shawni (Hubert Kirchner Forest Dub) [MNL]

Paul Hazendonk’s labels continue to impress with MNL taking centre-stage this week. Fresh off his ‘Era’ EP, Dutch artist Hubert Kirchner delivers a dubbed out, percussive rework with great dance floor dynamics and some gorgeous melodic moments.

Contribute Translation – Loneliness (Digital Department Remix) [ICONYC]

The latest from John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint finds Contribute Translation making his label debut with a brand new single. Providing the first remix is Welcome Music boss Digital Department who makes his second appearance on the label. Amidst much praise, the Russian producer released his ‘Alliance’ single on ICONYC in February of this year. Now returning for his first remix Digital Department takes ‘Loneliness’ into his own world of cosmic progressive house. The framework gets beefed up considerably with layers of percussion that add instant drive. The effects are stunning, ever evolving through phasing patterns while two primary tonal themes highlight journey. The emotion hits home with chord changes following the break putting a firm stamp on this excellent remix.

Cosmonaut & Rebus Project – Exosphere (Monojoke Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

The latest release from Steller Fountain welcomes Cosmonaut and Rebus Project to the label for their debut EP. The lone remix comes from scene veteran and Stellar Fountain artist Monojoke who is making his ninth appearance on the label. It’s been a busy summer for the Polish producer but his year has ultimately been highlighted by collaborations with fellow countryman and Electronic Tree label boss Tuxedo. As Fluente, the duo showcased their music on Knee Deep In Sound and Sudbeat. On the solo front Monojoke has continued to deliver electrifying productions and his ‘Exosphere’ remix does not disappoint. Lowering the tempo down almost five BPM puts the cosmic elements in a more spacious, groovy context. Definitely a bit of that old school Lost & Found sound here also, particularly after a colossal break when the track really delivers that peak time magic. Excellent remix from Monojoke once again.

Roberto Traista – Depressed (Michael A Remix) [Yin]

The latest release on Tripp Baronner’s Yin imprint finds the label showcasing a new interpretation of Roberto Traista’s ‘Depressed’. Originally released on Travis MacDonald’s Agara Music in September of 2014 it was a journey into the depths of dark, progressive techno. Now almost three years to the day we see Yin presenting a brand new interpretation from Michael A. The Genesis Music boss has stayed true to the dark vibe from the original all while injecting his own progressive flair. From its rolling groove to vibrant cadence and stunning effects there is a lot to like here. Subtle vocal accents along with smooth chords and lively percussion make for a powerful first act before a more distinct melodic theme shines during the main break, leading perfectly into an exhilarating third act finale.

Billy Alex – Massimo (Antrim Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Billy Alex returns to Balkan Connection this week with a brand new EP entitled ‘Massimo’. It’s the currently on fire Antrim which catches our attention. Here he provides a pure progressive interpretation of ‘Tholos’ with a fuller groove and more robust framework. The vocals play a nice role, setting a mysterious tone during the main break before a melodious third act lifts the mood even higher.

Christian Monique – Reflections (Robert R. Hardy Remix) [Consapevole Recordings]

The latest release on Consapevole Recordings finds Christian Monique returning to the label with a brand new single. The team at Consapevole have assembled a great remixer cast here highlighted by Robert R. Hardy. Synonymous amongst progressive house fans, the Hungarian artist continues to develop his sound. The release of his debut album earlier this year proved to be his best work to date and support from Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J has now become a regular occurrence. His ‘Reflections’ interpretation does not disappoint as he ups the tempo and adds wonderfully to the melodic storyboard. Twinkling clusters and indistinct chimes converge for a pixie-like vibe while a pulsating groove keeps things firmly focused on the dance floor.

Purecut – Buddha’s Journey (John D Remix) [Hot Cue Music]

Hungarian imprint Hot Cue Music continue their prolific ways this week with Purecut’s ‘Buddha’s Journey’. John D delivers the choice remix with a soulful journey that’s sure to appease old and new school fans of the genre.

Stergios – Metamorphosis (Ewan Rill Remix) [PHW Elements]

A late edition from last week finds the long standing PHW Elements imprint showcasing a new EP from Greek artist Stergios. It’s Ewan Rill that once again delivers a strong remix taking the track into driving, dreamy territory with sweeping motifs, charming melodies and a strong rhythmic core.

Alex Morelli – Definition (Number9 & Yamil Farag Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]

Julian Rodriguez’s Massive Harmony Records caps off this week with a gorgeous remix from Number9 & Yamil Farag. Clocking in at around 117 BPM it’s deep, laid back groove is full of organic qualities, interesting design and cavernous soundscapes. Definitely one for a late night dance floor.


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