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Navar – The Legacy (Guy J Remix) [EDGE]

The much anticipated debut from EDGE’s new imprint is out this week and finds navar delivering a stunning two track EP. The title cut gets the ultimate remix treatment from Guy J. Regarded as one of electronic music’s most emotive producers; the Israeli born, Malta based artist has found a home on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records, while cultivating his own Lost & Found Records into one of the world’s most elite imprints. A long history with Edge has seen Guy headline four events in the last three years and now in fine fashion he has a hand in launching the label with a superb rendition of ‘The Legacy’. On a backbone of organic beats, dusty percussion and quirky electronics, runs a storyboard of daring, detuned melodies. Astral in design and oh so poignant, it’s a fresh, out of the box production from one of electronic music’s most creative minds.

Morttagua & Gaby Endo – Urania (Gai Barone Remix) [Timeless Moment]

The latest release on Timeless Moment finds the label showcasing a brand new interpretation of ‘Urania’ by Morttagua & Gaby Endo. Originally released in August of this year it was a first time collaboration from the duo and was received amidst much praise. Now the label invites one of the progressive scenes most beloved artists in Gai Barone to re-invite the track for the fall season. Given the spiritual quality of the original elements Gai is an ideal and dare I say perfect candidate to take them somewhere special. The consistently excellent level at which he operates is incredible and so too is his ‘Urania’ interpretation. Beginning with a chugging, almost techno inspired groove Gai slowly develops an astral storyboard with cosmic effects and free flowing harmonics. Waves of claps and spiralling atmospheres add a smooth but palatable tension before fading off into a break of shimmering sonic decay. This quiet yet emotive calm proves to be the perfect prelude to a squirrelly and wholeheartedly satisfying lead line. Grandiose in a way but with a character and touch that are incredibly organic. And therein lies the magic, the delivery is just so effortless and the warm bass swells and harmonic refrains which guide the journey home only add to its charming effervescence. A masterpiece indeed and one you’ll want to enjoy several times over.

Robert R. Hardy – Interpolation (Marcelo Vasami Remix) [Stellar Fountain]

Another big release from Stellar Fountain comes your way this week with label artist Robert R Hardy presenting his latest single. The release concludes with Marcelo Vasami making his label debut. As a long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Argentinean artist has appeared on their respective imprints Sudbeat Music and Hope Recordings while also owning releases on Asymmetric, Soundteller and Global Underground. Always an in demand remixer, Marcelo shows exactly why with a killer rendition of ‘Interpolation’ to close the release out. Sticking closely to the original narrative Marcelo reworks the groove into something that’s more progressive minded while also upping the tempo a touch as well. The additional effects add nicely to the already spacey vibe and the tribal drums fills are an excellent touch. Wonderful remix from Marcelo and a long overdue debut on Stellar Fountain.

MI.LA – Never Close Your Eyes ft. M’Begid [Manual Music]

Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music continues to impress this year with a great balance of new talent and seasoned vets. This week the label invites a new name to the label in MI.LA. The Russian artist is perhaps unknown to most but with music like this expect her to be chased by a long line of impressive imprints. The title cut finds MI.LA collaborating with friend and vocalist M’Begid for a creation that’s not only pristinely produced but hits on a variety of emotional levels. Can’t wait to hear more!

Juan Deminicis & The Blackout – Resurge (East Cafe Remix) [Clubsonica Records]

The 36th release on Clubsonica Records welcomes Juan Deminicis to the label for his debut EP. The companion piece ‘Resurge’ finds Juan collaborating with ‘The Blackout’. The duo have previously worked together for Guy Mantzur’s Plattenbank Records with excellent results and now come together once again for a stunning production. The second and final interpretation of ‘Resurge’ is provided by East Cafe. With a discography that now stretches ten plus years East Cafe has more than etched his place in progressive house history. As one of Hungary’s most revered talents his music has found its way into the sets of Hernan Cattaneo while appearing on a long list of esteemed imprints, most notably ICONYC, Manual Music, Proton Music, Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain. The Hungarian’s muscular grooves are undeniably powerful, rolling with dynamic percussion as electric synths and icy vocals blanket the framework. A short and timely break adds nicely to the story setting up a charged second act before one final break seals its emotional brilliance.

After Burn – La Mandolina (Antrim Remix) [Or Two Strangers]

The latest release from Antrim’s Or Two Strangers imprint finds the label presenting the debut of ‘After Burn’. Best known as one of half of Some Little Things, Leandro Moyano now debuts his solo artist alias. The lone interpretation of the lead track ‘La Mandolina’ is provided by Or Two Strangers label boss Antrim. The Argentinean artist is fresh off the release of his Beatport chart topping ‘I Hear The Distance’ EP along with key outings on Asymmetric Recordings and One Of A Kind. Never one to get stuck in a particular sonic space Antrim explores deeper sensibilities on his ‘La Mandolina’ interpretation. Processed and edited to perfection, the main themes translate well against a warm, driving foundation. Cross-cultural choirs add the icing on the cake, pushing the mystical boundaries further to an exhilarating finale.

Ron Flatter – Six Synths [Beat Boutique]

The latest release from DJ Zombi’s Beat Boutique welcomes Ron Flatter to the label for his debut EP. The German artist owns an extensive discography highlighted by releases on Einmusika, Stil Vor Talent and his own Pour La Vie imprint. Now fresh off a massive three track EP (in conjunction with Matchy & Bott) for Dialtone Records Ron makes his much anticipated debut on Beat Boutique with the double a-side offering ‘Six Synths / Lumino’.  Beginning with the more progressive oriented of the two ‘Six Synths’ boasts a bubbly, acidic groove and charming melodic elements. Vibrant percussion only adds to its buoyant, playful vibe before the main break takes us into smooth harmonic territory. Another excellent production from Ron and great release from Beat Boutique.

Rafa’EL – Life Goes On (Matias Chilano Remix) [Soundteller Records]

Rafa’EL returns to Deersky’s Soundteller Records this week with a brand new single. Capping the release off with a great remix is Soundteller label artist Matias Chilano. It’s a big week for the Argentinean artist with the release of his ‘Sweeping’ EP also due out on Just Movement. Always a proficient remixer Matias delivers a deeper and dubbier rendition which complements the previous two versions perfectly. Silky smooth and full of strong rhythmic themes it’s a wonderful seven minute journey and as you would expect the atmospheric quality is second to none.

Tim Robert – Incandescence (Nicolas Rada Remix) [Balkan Connection]

Tim Robert continues on a hot streak with a brand new single courtesy of Balkan Connection. The final remix comes from Nicolas Rada who has been one this year’s standouts in progressive house. Known for his incredible grooves the Argentine closes the release out with a great rendition of ‘Incandescence’. Sitting nicely at 119 BPM it’s chunky foundation comes off very lush and laid back while the melodies carry beautifully into a poignant break. The vocal elements and pixie-like chimes are a match made in harmonic heaven while the restrained drop just makes that feeling even stronger.

Kommodo – Saturn [Slideways Music]

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music makes a welcome return this week with a new EP from Kommodo. The Brazilian artist has a knack for crafting moody, spaced out sonics and dark, groovy bass lines. The lead track ‘Saturn’ is a prime example of that with its astral storyboard and melancholic tones. The emotion is quite interesting, it’s mysterious and challenging in a way which makes for a very heady eight minute journey and the flow always stays on the right side of cool with no overblown or unnecessary moments. Killer music from Kommodo.

Matias Chilano – Sweeping [Just Movement]

The latest release from Just Movement welcomes Matias Chilano back to the label for a new EP. The Argentinean artist last appeared on the Dutch imprint in August with a contribution to the labels ‘Summer’ compilation. As a standout on the collection ‘Sorry I Am Late’ now sees it’s official release alongside a new original entitled ‘Sweeping’. Now considered a veteran of the talent rich Argentinean scene, Matias’ productions have broadened in scope considerably. We see that yet again on ‘Sweeping’ which comes in smooth, energetic and full of amazing crossover potential. Anchored by a warm, house inspired groove the piece flows through airy effects and strong rhythmic themes. Tantalizing tones lead perfectly into a dreamy break, building tension while lifting the mood higher before peaking with a gentle drop and dusty overlay. A versatile production from Matias that’s already making noise in the underground.

Sapiens – Only Clubbers Left Alive [ICONYC]

John Johnson’s ICONYC imprint welcomes Sapiens back to the label this week for a brand new EP. known for his versatility, the Israeli artist impresses once again with the lead cut ‘Only Clubbers Left Alive’. Deep, atmospheric and full of emotive motifs it’s a stunning nine minute journey. The effects storyboard is a delight for the senses, as it ebbs and flows through a myriad of unpredictable twists and turns, particularly during the main break which is perhaps the highlight. Gorgeous music from Sapiens.

Geist – O [Asymmetric Recordings]

Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings celebrates ADE in style with an eight track exclusives compilation. Label artist Geist contributes the excellent ‘O’, complete with a tough punchy groove, elephant-eaque motifs and a smooth, exhilarting flow over nine plue minutes. A definite standout on the collection.

Nikko.Z – Elements [Dopamine Music]

The latest release from Dopamine Music finds label boss Nikko.Z back in the spotlight with a brand new EP. Forever treading the waters between deep house, progressive house and techno, Nikko’s studio repertoire knows no boundaries. The lead track ‘Elements’ finds the Greek artist returning to his progressive roots for a deep, rolling creation full of modern motifs. It’s galloping groove sets the framework in motion as percussion begins to fire and spacey electronics steal the air. As the break commences the groove remains locked, building tension before a wave of effects ignites the beats for a magical dance floor moment.

Micah – Bog.p.roggins [Inertia]

A late addition from last week sees Micah making his debut on the newly formed Inertia imprint. The Canadian artist and long time progressive house favourite goes deep with two extrodinary cuts, the second of which ‘Bog.p.roggins’ hits the spot with it’s tough design, broken beat sections and and menacing storyboard. Wicked stuff from the studio vet.

Fabio Orru – Close Your Eyes (Sam Scheme Remix)  [Hot Cue Music]

Hot Cue Music returns showcasing a lovely new single from Fabio Orru this week. One half of the red hot Dyo Atoma duo Sam Scheme delivers the remix of choice here. The Russian artist brings the tempo down considerably for a groovier, melancholic rendition that’s already making noise in the progressive house underground.


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