Rey&Kjavik drops a new EP on Mobilee

Available In Stores On December 6th

Rey&Kjavik is a German artist who has released on labels including KATERMUKKE, Compost and Kindisch.

Mobilee welcome back regular artist Rey&Kjavik for another cinematic EP that shows off his uniquely mystical sound.

Rey&Kjavik is based in Germany with low slung sound often released via his own label RKJVK. Continually evolving with each new EP, this release on Mobilee is a little more up-tempo than his usual style, but still has all of Rey&Kjavik’s usual charm.

The EP’s title track “Time” is an epic journey with digitised vocals and poignant melodies, giving the tracks a mood of self-reflection pondering over the past.

Compelling and full of emotion we proud to present this exclusive premiere of Times.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE


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