Ri Za – Half Way EP (238 West)

The 16th release on 238 West welcomes Ri Za to the label with his brand new 2 track EP entitled ‘Half Way’.

Ri Za

The Slovakian producer has been enjoying much success of late with appearances on Traum, Stellar Fountain and System Recordings. Ri Za’s unique take on progressive house has made him one of Slovakia’s top production talents where he grew up with inspiration from Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha and John Digweed. His debut EP for 238 West features two brand new original tracks which look to be some of his strongest work yet.

The EP begins with ‘On A Half Way’ which finds Ri Za showcasing a funky and moderately trippy sound that’s quite appealing. The Slovakian’s groovy foundation stands out instantly and the effects storyboard which runs through the track is monumentally stimulating. Catchy vocal loops then up the hypnotic vibes and carry the piece into the main break. As the beats and effects gets stripped away a quick build drives the tension up before the mammoth grooves returns for a huge moment. The third act is once again filled with a multitude of trippy motifs which not only sound incredible but work perfectly with groove. Easily one of Ri Za’s best to date.

The companion piece ‘Medieval’ is a deeper more subversive affair. Beginning unassumingly enough with a dreamy soundscape the production then rolls through an engaging narrative of spoken vocals and modular bleeps. Ri Za’s design is always quite enjoyable and it really shines here.; everything has this round, bubbly texture which emanates a warm, positive and surprising tranquil vibe. It’s a smooth journey and one that closes out the release perfectly. Both cuts here were a pleasant surprise; very engaging tracks both for the club or your iPod. Beautiful EP from Ri Za and a top notch release from 238 West.

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