Ri9or – Sadness (Clinique Recordings)

The 62st release on Clinique Recordings is out this week and it features the return of Ri9or to the label. The Russian producer first appeared with a remix of Deep In Calm’s ‘Uncertain Clarity’ which was released in July of 2013. Ri9or’s first single for Clinique is entitled ‘Sadness’ and it comes with remixes from Kacper Kostecki and Soulfire.

Ri9or’s had a solid first quarter of 2014 with appearances on Stellar Fountain, Pangea and Abstract Space Recordings. ‘Sadness’ continues that strong run as the Russian producer has crafted a deep, hypnotic gem of a record. The mesmerizing grooves are powerful and uplifting melodic content make it an ideal spring time record. Excellent work from Ri9or.

The first remix on the release is provided by Kacper Kostecki who we last heard from with his excellent ‘True Story’ single on Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music. Aside from appearing on Dopamine Kacper has been a big contributor to Proton’s Particles imprint with no less than five appearances on the label. For his ”Sadness’ interpretation the Polish producer has transformed the piece into something techier and considerably more twisted. The warped leads are full of wonderful character and mind bending, elastic-like textures while the tightly constructed framework keeps it firmly on the dance floor. A very unique and challenging remix from Kacper, great to see him pushing the sonic boundaries here.

The final remix on the release comes from Soulfire who is making his debut appearance on Clinique Recordings. The UK born but now Australia based producer has amassed a nice discography in recent years with appearances on Sound Avenue, 3rd Avenue, Stripped and of course his own Soulfire imprint. Soulfire’s ‘Sadness’ remix closes the release out very strong. The dancing rhythms, intricate electronics and meaty foundation give the record a very big presence which should sound dynamite on the dance floor. Top remix from Soulfire and another very solid release from Clinique Recordings.

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