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Rich Curtis – Flannel Lime Parade (Mesmeric Records)

Aussie producer Rich Curtis makes his debut on Mesmeric this week for the labels 32nd overall release. Mesmeric has delivered some stunning releases this year with Luke Chable’s ‘Outside’ EP leading the way. Rich’s debut for the label is entitled ‘Flannel Lime Parade’ and comes with a remix from Dosem.

Rich has come a long way since his debut productions on Cid Inc’s Replug label in November of 2010. The Aussie producer is now a regular on Proton’s family of labels and has also had a single on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label. Even though Rich has achieved some decent success in his now 3 year career by all accounts is still supremely under-rated. His productions have some of the most unique ideas and musical depth of anyone making progressive / tech house today. ‘Flannel Lime Parade’ is probably Rich’s most complex construction to date. Filled with clever beat patterns, waves of rolling drums and a wealth of vibrant electronics the first 3 minutes builds some pretty dynamic tension. After a smooth build the main melodic lead is presented and man does it rock. Rich has crafted some beautifully textured keys that work in perfect kaleidoscopic harmony for complete sensory exhilaration. After a short main break the reignited melodies come with an added backdrop of celestial swirls that add a special touch to the tracks climax. Outstanding work from Rich. Also included on the release is a wicked 2013 interpretation of ‘Simpleton’ which originally appeared on the now defunct Hyline Music in 2011.

The lone remix is supplied by Dosem who is making his first appearance on Mesmeric. The Spanish producer follows a string of outstanding productions over the course of 2013 on Tronic, Suara, Intec and Break New Soil. Dosem’s ‘Flannel Lime Parade’ interpretation takes Rich’s amazing hooks and re-invents them over a chugging tech house groove that’s really powerful. The main break is dance floor mayhem just waiting to happening. After a long deliberate build the pristinely produced groove drops back in with the full complement of melodic hooks for what results in one of the finest moments we’ve heard all year. Magic stuff from Dosem and our favourite Mesmeric release of the year by far. Don’t miss it. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 5

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