Rick Pier O’Neil – To Declare Part 1 (Soundteller Records)

The latest offering on Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Rick Pier O’Neil back to the label for a brand new single.

Rick Pier O'Neil - To Declare

The French producer and RPO Records label boss first appeared on the Polish imprint in February of this year with his remix of Macelo Vasami’s ‘Micro Diamond’. It’s been an outstanding year for Rick with a continuous flow excellent material and support from trance legends like John OO Fleming. Rick looks to the end the year in style with his first single for Soundteller alongside remixes from Robert R. Hardy and Tim Penner. 

The release begins with Rick’s original which finds him going a bit deeper and more mysterious than usual. What’s achingly familiar though is how well contoured his grooves are, like a bed of fluid bass textures that literally sound alive. Following a DJ friendly intro Rick puts his design prowess on full display with an array of sonically satisfying electronics, all fresh and pristinely produced. This, along with some intriguing vocal elements carry the track to the break where a streak of melancholy enters. The mood shifts and the emotion rises but in a timely fashion dissipates quickly and ultimately reveals a scaled down portion of the groove. It has a very dramatic effect on the record and carries the track to a great finale. Soundteller has methodically become one of the best underground progressive labels over the last three years so it’s not surprising to see Rick delivering some of his best and most unique work here. Excellent stuff. 

The first interpretation of ‘To Declare’ is provided by Robert R. Hardy who is making his 11th appearance on Soundteller. The Hungarian producer has become one of the Polish imprints core artists and most recently delivered his ‘Therapy’ EP where all three tracks quickly moved into his top 10 best sellers on Beatport. More recently Robert remixed up and coming artist Nicolas D’Orsi for Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music which yielded amazing results. That’s what so incredible about Robert, his consistency, the prolific production schedule doesn’t seem to faze him and he’s certainly delivered more sonic excellence on his ‘To Declare’ interpretation. A radical revamp of the bass line has rebuilt the groove nicely and Robert’s atmospheric storyboard is second to none. The highlight however may be a fuzzed out break which sets up the return of that thumping groove wonderfully, leading to a gorgeous atmospheric conclusion. Strong work from Robert again.

The second and final interpretation of ‘To Declare’ is provided by Tim Penner who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. The Canadian producer and Slideways label boss has grown immensely this year. Working closely with Max Graham’s new ‘Cycles’ imprint Tim has not only supplied a remix on the labels first ever release but he also remodelled Max’s classic ‘Airtight’ (originally released on Hope Recordings) and transformed it into a modern day progressive techno bomb. Max isn’t the only one taking note of Tim’s talents as John OO Fleming has also released some of Tim’s most recent work on his JOOF Recordings imprint. The Canadian’s pristine production prowess is well in line with Rick’s so this is a match made in remix heaven and it’s turned out amazingly well. Just the DJ friendly intro is something to marvel at with it’s tribalistic flair and perfectly tailored beats. Once the mountainous bass stabs drop and the groove begins to take shape is when the real magic happens though. Indistinct vocal elements, panning effects and electric stabs all meld together in perfect unison to make for an amazing collage of psychedelic audio. Following a well constructed break where Tim builds the perfect amount of dramatic tension the track really goes off, with unpredictable stabs cascading with a wonky flair. It’s definitely fresh and surely some of Tim’s most creative work to date. It rounds out the release perfectly and adds another excellent notch on the Soundteller Records discography. Highly Recommended.

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