Robert R. Hardy – Circulatory Disturbance (Majestic Family Records)

Robert R. Hardy continues an excellent run of releases this week with a brand new single for Majestic Family Records.

Robert R Hardy Circulatory Disturbance

Very few producers had a better 2014 than Robert R. Hardy. From the beginnings of his D.M.P project the Hungarian producer’s knack for creating deep, atmospheric grooves has continued to grow and evolve. Over the course of the last year Robert earned support from a wide range of top DJs with Guy J being perhaps the most notable. He closed the year out with what many feel was his best work to date in ‘Chicago Sunrise’ (courtesy of 238 West) and now presents his first single of 2015 which is entitled ‘Circulatory Disturbance’ and it includes remixes from Tommi Oskari, Following Light and Ghoeyash.

The Original Mix leads the release off and the deep, atmospheric vibes become intoxicating almost instantly. Robert’s percussive groove is set nicely in a gaseous soundscape which lays down a great canvas for the rhythmic and melodic elements. Powerful bass stabs generate great momentum while the playful melodic hooks continue to evolve and dazzle the senses. The main break just escalates the tension higher and the soaring atmospheres deliver a great climax. Excellent stuff from Robert.

The first interpretation of ‘Circulatory Disturbance’ is provided by Tommi Oskari who is making his first appearance on Majestic Family. Much like Robert Tommi came on strong in 2014; a string of releases on Balkan Connection, BC2, Juicebox Music and Lowbit Records capped off an amazing year and his first production of 2015 starts equally strong. Tommi’s driving, techno interpretation not only complements the deeper original really well but there is a definite Cid Inc vibe happening groove-wise which is of course a great thing. Filled with epic rhythms and vibrant electronics it’s an energy filled journey throughout and a very worthy peak time production. Great stuff from Tommi.

The second interpretation of ‘Circulatory Disturbance is provided by Following Light who is also making his first appearance on Majestic Family Records. The Ukrainian producer and Inmost Records owner closed 2014 out with a fabulous EP on Deersky’s Soundteller Records. For his ‘Circulatory Disturbance’ interpretation Following Light has stayed true to the deep themes from the original but added his own unique textures and rhythmic components. The mixes moderately spooky electronics and low slung bass swells are just some of the highlights and definitely make for one of Following Light’s best.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Circulatory Disturbance’ is provided by Ghoeyash who is making his first appearance on Majestic Family Records. Balint Gulyas aka Ghoeyash hails from Hungary and really made his mark on the electronic music underground with his releases on BQ and Clinique Recordings. 2014 has seen Ghoeyash expand his discography with projects on Stellar Fountain and Perfect Session Records. For his ‘Circulatory Disturbance’ interpretation the Hungarian producer has beefed the groove up with layers of dynamic percussion over a bed of soft hypnotic textures. That along with a slow building layer of tension make this not a only a mix which carries a big presence but one that retains the great groove of the original. Excellent remix from Ghoeyash and a superb release from Majestic Family.

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