Robert R. Hardy – Sense of Happiness (BQ Recordings)

Nick Quadrat’s BQ Recordings has been putting out some amazing music this year. The label has quite a broad A&R policy with their releases focusing on everything from deep house all the way through to more traditional progressive house. The labels 71st overall release features a producer who I’ve been loving of late Robert R. Hardy. His upcoming EP for Suffused Music is outstanding so I was thrilled when this release was uploaded to the site. Robert’s new single for BQ Recordings is entitled ‘Sense of Happiness’ and it comes with remixes from Alfonso Muchacho and Neptun 505.

Robert’s original mix showcases his richly textured, atmospheric brand of deep house perfectly. The Hungarian producers smooth lines and airy pads sound absolutely pristine here and the subtle musicality is really strong as well. The plucky hooks and enchanting vocal pads add a wonderful serenity during the main break and it just carries through the second half which finishes very strong. Excellent work from Robert. The first remix is supplied by Alfonso Muchacho who is making his first appearance on BQ Recordings. The UK producer just dropped a brand new two track EP on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music and he’s supplied a wonderful remix here. Alfonso’s ‘Sense of Happiness’ interpretation goes even deeper and dreamier than Robert’s amazing original. The parts are just so spectacular and Alfonso has put a gorgeous atmosphere sheen over everything which makes it all the more ethereal sounding. Can’t go wrong with Alfonso’s version or Robert’s original as both are incredible pieces of music. The final remix is supplied by Neptun 505 who is also making his first appearance on BQ Recordings. Marcin Stępień aka Neptun 505 hails from Poland and has also appeared on Mistique Music, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain and LuPS Records. For his ‘Sense of Happiness’ remix Neptun 505 has added his own unique musical touch which comes to fruition during the main break. The delicate sequences of keys and complementary tones are incredibly heartfelt and make for a great alternative to the previous two mixes. A superb release from BQ Recordings with all three producers turning in some of their best ever work. Highly Recommended.

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