Roberto Traista – New Perspectives (Agara Music)

Agara Music’s latest sees label artist Roberto Traista returning for a brand new two track release entitled ‘New Perspectives’.

Roberto Traista - New Perspectives

It’s safe to say that Roberto has definitely found a home on Agara Music. The Hungarian producer is now making his seventh appearance on the Canadian imprint and his stark, futuristic style of techno seems well suited to Agara’s music policy.

The lead piece ‘New Perspectives’ begins like a typical Roberto Traista production, with lots of dark, ominous elements and a pretty menacing groove. As the piece builds through two sections of different motifs it’s clear there is something a bit more engaging happening. The muted vocal stabs are a mainstay during the first act while sections of grinding electronics and anticipatory hypnotics waver throughout. This takes you to the main break where all the madness gets washed away while a wall of incandescent tones becomes the tracks third lead motif. It carries the piece through an incredibly spooky third act where the vocally stabs reappear along with a nice complement of percs and industrial style gears. There’s a ton of cool ideas here and I quite like all of them, makes for a wicked track from Robert.

The companion piece ‘Take Me Over’ finds Roberto showcasing more of his unique designs. Sequences of aquatically styled electronics and an acidic growl accompany the gargantuan beats early on. Smooth chord changes lift the vibe higher while the acid modulation grows with a calculated scowl. It builds for close to five minutes before a tension filled drop and jagged, metallic sheet reign terror during an apocalyptic sounding conclusion. Really serious stuff from Robert; overtly dark and quite interesting. Don’t miss it.

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