Rudosa drops a four track techno EP on Suara

Rudosa has released compelling techno tracks on high flying imprints such as Intec, Respekt, We Are The Brave and Noir Music.

Rudosa is one of the UK’s most talked-about new talents, and he is back on Suara after debuting on the label in March of 2019.

We recently invited Rudosa to join the CU Techno podcast series, and he continues to impress us with the peak time energy of his hard-hitting style.

Techno on steroids, the four tracks on this EP are pumped up powerhouses, that start at its heightened point with the track “20th Century”, then things gets deeper and more atmospheric working towards the final track “Pressure”.

Pressure is the perfect closing track for the EP as it’s a fusion of tough percussion and uplifting synths that combined, deliver dance floor aggression plus spine-tingling euphoria.

Although all the tracks on this EP have a standout quality, it’s the contrasting textures of Pressure that caught our attention most, and we are proud to present this exclusive premiere.

You can soon pre-order a copy from HERE

Mathias Kaden

Mathias Kaden | CU Podcast


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