Sabo Buddies Up With Namito & Others For His Exquisite Album Of Organic House

Available In Stores Now

Widely regarded as one of the people who pioneered what is now known as Organic House, Sabo is an American DJ and label owner who has also gained notoriety for his iconic sets at prestigious events such as Burning Man.

A popular DJ booking who travels on a regular basis to play gigs and experience cultures from other parts of the world. Sabo’s style is a blend of electronic beats and traditional instruments local to the folk law from the regions where he visits.

Making friends along the way, he has built a strong community of likeminded people who share his passion for music, and has used his label Sol Selectas as a hub for fans to engage with their creative works.

Most recently Sabo has put out an eight-track album where he has collaborated on tracks with people he has met on his travels, and it’s a body of music that perfectly showcases his personal ethos.

Out on his label Sol Selectas, it also fully embodies what his label stands for and what us fans have come to love it for.

Anyone who has heard any of the previous Sol Selectas releases knows exactly what to expect from its slow BPM grooves with enchanting synth lines and organic textures either in the percussion or use of instruments.

The album titled “Buddy System” has collaborations featuring people like UNER and Namito, but Sabo is the glue that holds it together, and it really is impossible to pick a favourite, as the full release deserves equal attention.

You can buy a the release from HERE


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