Scotty.A – Nothing As It Seems Soundteller Edition (Soundteller Records)

The latest release on Deersky’s Soundteller Records finds the label showcasing its first ever ‘Soundteller Edition’.

Scotty.A - Nothing As It Seems

For those unfamiliar with the Edition series it selects a standout release from Proton Music’s catalog and then has one or two of Soundteller’s finest artists reinterpret the track. For the first installment we see Scotty.A’s ‘Nothing As It Seems’ getting showcased with new remixes from East Cafe and Marcelo Paladini.

For those unfamiliar with the original it was released in April of 2013 as part of Scotty’s ‘The World Turns’ EP. It’s strong groove, smooth chord changes and sparkling melodies still sound quite fresh and East Cafe, who is first up here, has delivered a superb update. The Hungarian producer and Time Capsule label boss has been played and charted by Hernan Cattaneo this year and this remix sounds like it could be set for a similar fate. It’s warm, undulating foundation sounds tailor made for the summer season and the subtle melodic content is undeniably appealing. It’s one of the those tracks where everything seems to come together in perfect harmonic unison for a smooth rush of euphoric energy. Brilliant remix from East Cafe and one of his finest works to date in my option, only rivalled by ‘Sonnenlicht’ and ‘Mondschein’ both released on LuPS Records earlier this year.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Nothing As It Seems’ is provided by Marcelo Paladini who is making his eighth appearance on Soundteller Records. The Argentinean producer is fresh off one of the year’s most impressive releases. His ‘New Intention’ collaboration with fellow countryman Alberto Blanco showcased a fresh approach and also earned support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. His interpretation of ‘Nothing As It Seems’ is also right on the money and it’s deep and groovy approach complements East Cafe’s more up-tempo progressive version perfectly. The rolling foundation immediately stands out; incredibly warm and full of character it certainly makes for a wicked groove. All of Scotty’s gorgeous atmospheres translate wonderfully here but in a more subversive manner. It’s a hazy sheen of indistinct melodies throughout and it’s a real joy to listen to. Gorgeous remix from Marcelo and a standout release for Deersky’s Soundteller Records; one of their best ever in fact. Don’t miss it.

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