Scotty.A – Sense of an Ending (Proton)

Proton’s latest sees the label offer two new remixes of the strongest track from Scotty.A’s ‘Natural Senses’ EP, released in August of last year, ‘Sense of an Ending’. The remixes come from two of the hottest producers around, Dutchman Navar and Argentinian Luis Bondio.

As readers of my review of the remixes of ‘Once More into the Fray’ last October will know, I’ve been looking forward to Navar’s remix of ‘Sense of an Ending’ for some time. His take on the track works the original’s airy pads and shimmering synths over a low-key chugging progressive groove. The action really starts during the breakdown, where the bassline starts to play out an awesome chord sequence, and a swirling melody emerges. I’ve had this melody utterly lodged in my head since I heard the first clip back in October, and it never fails to get me. This is glorious work from Navar once again.

Unfortunately, this is the second Luis Bondio remix for Proton in a row that’s left me rather cold, despite my general admiration for his work. He sticks pretty close to Scotty.A’s original, adding more tribal percussion and sinister hooks, but to be honest I much preferred the track before those additions. Sadly, this one’s a miss for me.

It’s been a long wait for Navar’s remix, but it’s been totally worth it to hear it in its full glory at last. With one more round of remixes on the way, and a new EP in the pipeline, Scotty.A’s relationship with Proton looks set to continue to be one of the most exciting around. 7.5/10


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