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Seb Dhajje – Fifth Season Part II (Otrement Music)

Otrement Music returns for the long awaited new remixes of Seb Dhajje ‘Fifth Season’.

seb dhajje - fifth season part II

Seb Dhajje and MEka launched their new Otrement Music imprint in early August of this year. The labels first release was a stylistic blueprint for what we can come to expect in the future. Intelligent electronica and cutting edge dance floor productions all with a contemporary melodic flair. The labels second release is out this week and it features two brand new interpretations of Seb’s ‘Fifth Season’. The track originally released on Tetsuko Records in early 2012 now sees new life with Nick Brennan and Dual Shaman at the controls.

For those of you who don’t remember or haven’t heard ‘Fifth Season’ it was not only a favourite of Hernan Cattaneo but also one of Seb’s all time best works. It’s otherworldly sounds and vibrant energy has aged well and it still sounds as fresh now as it did then. The new remixes both deliver something very special and complementary as well. The first is supplied by Nick Brennan who you may know as Tripswitch from his releases on Iboga Records and Flow Records. The UK producer has updated ‘Fifth Season’ wonderfully with an approach that is both emotional and groovy. Nick’s well carved foundation gives the piece a new found dance floor presence while the soft textural clouds of harmonic bliss couldn’t sound anymore profound. If you’re looking to bring one of those magic, goosebump moments to your dance floor then this will certainly serve you well. Brilliant work from Nick.

The second and final interpretation comes from Dual Shaman who have been very quiet this year following a great 2013 which saw releases on Origami Sound and Strange Town Recordings. The Transylvanian brothers Vio and Dacian make up the Dual Shaman production duo and their cutting edge sound design combined with a contemporary production style has made them favourites throughout the intelligent electronica community. For their ‘Fifth Season’ interpretation Dual Shaman have delivered a dynamic revision which is full of emotive textures and dramatic tension. The underlying theme from Seb’s original has been radically overhauled with vivid harmonic shifts and iridescent character providing what is bound to be a future classic. It’s closes out a brilliant second release on Otrement which should leave fans of Seb, Nick and Dual Shaman wanting to hear more.

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