Sekuential & Verve – Into the Distance (FutureForm Music)

For their first release of 2015 FutureForm Music presents a new collaborative project from Sekuential and Verve.

Sekuential & Verve - Into the Distance

Pete Trimbacher aka Sekuential is making his debut on the label while FutureForm boss Verve is returning for his fourth appearance. For those unacquainted with Pete’s Sekuential moniker it has been an outlet for the Aussie producer’s live improvised experiments. The project is based around an ever evolving vortex of rhythmic and tonal elements that cast a variety of moods from deeply brooding to blissfully radiant. Verve’s own progressive techno hybrid remains fresh and continued to evolve in 2014 with releases on Proton Music, Particles and Silk Textures. For their debut collaboration and FutureForm’s tenth overall release Sekuential and Verve have crafted ‘Into The Distance’ which includes two remixes from Andre Sobota.

The ‘Into The Distance’ original leads the release off and immediately creates a big sonic presence. The melding of Sekuential’s analog rhythms and Verve’s pristinely tailored melodies is a lethal combination. Following a first act filled with vibrant rhythms and electric lines the main breakdown commences as a section of epic stabs slowly trails away. A developing lead theme then slowly takes shape as a sequence of filtered electronics pushes the tension higher. Reaching a feverous peak the sonic collage eventually drops out to reveal the meaty groove for what is sure to be a magical dance floor moment.

The lone interpretations of ‘Into The Distance’ are provided by Andre Sobota who is returning to FutureForm Music for his second appearance. The Brazilian producer has remained a favourite of progressive fans since his ‘Voyager’ EP was released though Pryda Friends in July of 2012. Releases on Anjunadeep and Toolroom followed shortly thereafter and Andre has been an in demand remixer ever since. For his ‘Into The Distance’ interpretation Andre has reinvented the strong themes from the original in his own inimitable style. The Brazilian’s rough rhythms, hazy vocal stabs and vibrant electronics build to a sizzling peak as the main break commences. A myriad of obscure piano motifs, deep bass hooks and blissful textures dominate what is a gorgeous interlude and the storming third act serves up a fittingly epic conclusion. Andre has also provided a Dub which carries the same energy and groove of his main mix minus most of the piano elements and big bass hooks from the main break. Two on the money remixes from the ever consistent Andre Sobota and another top notch release from FutureForm Music. Don’t miss it!

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