Sergei Spatz – Flying Butterfly (BC2 Records)

The 41st release on BC2 is out this week and features the debut of Sergei Spatz to the label.

Sergei Spatz - Flying Butterfly

The Russian artist began his production career just over a year ago and already has a nice discography which includes releases on ADRO Records, Terracotta and Inmost Records. Sergei’s debut single for BC2 is entitled ‘Flying Butterfly’ and it comes with remixes from WittyProd and Robben Cepeda.

Fans of Sergei note his raw, emotional sound and it’s something that stands out about his productions. The old school influence is undeniable and ‘Flying Butterfly’ certain falls into that category. Based around a simple but warm, fluid groove the track slowly builds with some delicate synth accents and sweeping harmonic clusters. It’s a smooth ride from start to finish and while it’s void of any prominent elements it exceeds on it’s naive beauty. The atmospheric elements are quite lovely and you could almost just strip the beats away for a gorgeous ambient piece as well. Nice work.

The first interpretation of ‘Flying Butterfly’ is provided by WittyProd who is making his debut on BC2. The French producer has been writing electronic music for over ten years now and releasing for just about six months. His discography includes releases on ADRO Records, Callote and Progrezo Records and his debut production for BC2 has turned out quite nice. With a more percussive framework and revamp of the bass line WittyProd has turned in a groovy rendition which still retains the strong musical themes from the original. Great remix.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Flying Butterfly’ is provided by Robben Cepeda who is also making his first appearance on BC2. The Spanish producer has just come off an excellent single for PHW Elements and has also been featured on ADRO, Callote MNL and Progrezo. Robben’s melodic sound has already earned him a nice following of electronic music fans and his remix of ‘Flying Butterfly’ is sure to attract more. The Spanish producer’s warm, driving groove and subtle take on the melodic theme from the original is quite refreshing and also very emotional. It’s a definite throwback to the days of proper trance music and it closes the release out on a strong note.

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